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Oct 20, 12

I posted this last year, but just watched it again and decided to spread the love once more. Tony Wagner on...

  • students investigate personally  meaningful topics reflexively and relationally within larger educational and sociocultural contexts
  • transformative inquiry
  • personal entry points

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  • A purpose differs from an original impulse and desire through its translation into a plan and method of action based upon foresight of the consequences of acting under given observed conditions in a certain way.
  • Freedom in learning, Dewey is writing, allows for action in learning.
  • Freedom, yes. Freedom without organization and reflection, no.

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  • Blogging makes my brain hurt. But I was just expecting a nice break. I didn't know the experience would change me, and the amazing group it brought together,
Oct 24, 12

"I think we’re in the midst of the most exciting and difficult time to be a teacher in American history"

  • I think we’re in the midst of the most exciting and difficult time to be a teacher in American history.
  • one thing every medical school shares is the belief that a strong medical training is built on a dual foundation of two courses: anatomy and physiology.


    In education, no similar consensus exists.

  • Learning Sciences and Developmental Sciences.

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  • Find others in the company who think as you do. And if you can't find them, and if you can't look at yourself, you must leave and make your own thing. Do it better."
  • At the end of the day, we all need to think about how we measure our lives in the context of our work. We need to ask, as honestly as we can, whether our work is making the world better or worse.

  • “Local control” has been a bedrock principle of public schooling in America since its earliest days, but a new report concludes the concept “has all but disappeared” in discussions of education policy.
  • In a healthy democracy, schools play a key role in preparing citizens
  • Despite Obama and Duncan’s rhetorical support for greater local control of schools, the reform instruments that their policies are based on are clearly antithetical to it,”

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  • The debate was hosted by hosted by Teachers College, Columbia University, and sponsored by Education Week. (Disclaimer: The Hechinger Report is published by an independent institute based at Teachers College.)
  • Obama’s standard arguments that investing in education will improve the economy.
  • it would be possible to reduce the country’s deficit by changing entitlement programs while leaving education spending alone.

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  • Rather than proposing that other nations follow in Finland's path, Finnish Lessons documents how Finland achieved success without going through the arduous and controversial process of implementing competition, school choice, and test-based accountability.

  • In the face of those mixed review, the French president has taken a clear stand and declared the homework wars over. But there is a trade-off: French students, who attend school for four days at week until about 5 p.m., will now have to spend more time in class. The school week, Mr. Hollande said, will now be increased to four-and-a-half days.
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