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  • it becomes tempting to resort to drill-and-kill teaching methods that cover information in a generic, surface-level way
  • fostering curiosity
  • teenagers are interested in almost anything taught well and with passion

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Feb 26, 10

"To the extent that I've ever been creative, it has usually been because I've had to deal with difficult situations"

Jan 30, 10

"I believe that it is our job, as educators, to provide students with an environment where they are allowed to be creative and take risks without fearing the penalties of failure. I do, however, question our ability to assess whether something is creative or not and whether our assessment should count for anything when it comes to student learning. This isn’t to say we can’t observe student creativity and commend them on what we deem creative (or should we?), but it doesn’t seem logical to me that we should ever allow for creativity to count for, or against, a student grade. For all of you who think that making “creativity” a component of assessment in a student grade spurs creativity I am about to convince you otherwise."

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