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Stephen Veliz

Stephen Veliz's Public Library

Aug 23, 15

Thanks to my top interactors! @bnleez @ghostdansing @stephenveliz @PNeerja @ZeldaWynn via

@stephenveliz I love having a class Instagram account! #FLedChat

@MagicPantsJones @stephenveliz I love it!! Instagram is great to showcase learning #FLedChat
Aug 21, 15

Welcome @stephenveliz Glad you’re with us tonight! #FLedChat

@stephenveliz You are the Instagram KING! #FLedChat

I must thank the #FLedChat Moderating team. You are all amazing. I love this team. @Celeste_Clemons @KristinCHarr @Edtechnerd @dkonopelko

@stephenveliz Yes, I've got to do some adjusting tomorrow as well. I hope I remember to post pics. #FLedChat

A6 going to take ideas from tonight to expand my learning space as the year progresses. Want to make it better and better as I go #Fledchat
Aug 13, 15

Q5: Followed by anything in this book: #fledchat

A5 Besides a blanket fort? #fledchat

A5: furniture!! Couches, bean bag chairs, round tables & breakfast type bar :) #FLedChat
Aug 13, 15

Wow-Worthy Learning Spaces - Edutopia Article #fledchat

A3 It may be semantic, but I like the idea of learning spaces because it feels more flexible. #FLedChat

@MagicPantsJones changing the world one principal at a time. #FLedChat

A3 A learning space is anywhere anytime. A classroom is confined to 4 walls during school. #FLEdChat

A3: A classroom should always be a learning space, but a learning space doesn't have to be a classroom. #FLedChat
Aug 13, 15

My Learning Spaces page #FLedchat Have students create spaces that are comfortable for them.

@stephenveliz how was it?!
Aug 13, 15

@MagicPantsJones Yes, get rid of that dreaded overhead florescent lighting #FLedChat Natural light or dimmable

@stephenveliz @teespring This is excellent news! Florida sure has a rockin' team of Edcampers! #edcampLeon #edcampTB
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