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Stephen Veliz

Stephen Veliz's Public Library

@fetc Just wondering how many attendees were at this years conference? It was fabulous! #FETC
02 Feb 14

Forgot to mention my @tedx talk at #FETC - to share with students who want to hear from someone who grew up like them

Tech has to be transformative, otherwise we are in danger of automating bad education and making it faster and more efficient. #FETC

Why aren't teachers providing more audio feedback with all the technology options that we have. Assess with conversation. @shareski #fetc

Love idea of streaming twitter feed in staffroom during #edchat #fetc @lynhilt
01 Feb 14

Create your own docs story with storybuilder: @adambellow #fetc recreate conversations!

H/T @web20classroom Can't wait to teach my kids to research events in real time with Storify #FETC

Love that @chrislehmann is reminding us of our obligation to lead and take action with what we've learned here. #multipliers #fetc

@stephenveliz @lynhilt And why isn't PD also about inspiration and motivation? If the goal is to motivate students, let's be motivated #FETC

"Technology needs to be like oxygen... ubiquitous, necessary and invisible." @chrislehmann #fetc
30 Jan 14

Why BYOD Makes Sense: Thinking Beyond a Standardized 1:1 | Edutopia

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