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Sep 13, 16

"ZisBoomBah – Where it's OK to play with your food!
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Food Games for Kids

Kids learn to eat properly when they are educated about their options. But learning does not have to equal boring. Another fun food game for kids can happen at the grocery store. While you are picking up snacks and items for meals, have your children try to read to you the ingredients found on the packaging. If they can pronounce all of the words, it will typically mean it is a food that is healthier to eat. If they get stuck, help them out by trying to sound-out the word. Chances are good you'll both laugh when you pick up a food item that is highly processed and the words sound like gibberish. These are often the foods to avoid, or at least eat in moderation.
For more helpful eating tips including ways to get your kids more involved with mealtime, click here for more kids food games
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