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15 Jan 14

Original Article01/13/2014By ART GOLAB A man who spent 25 years behind bars for a rape he did not commit is the latest wrongfully convicted ex-prisoner to collect a multimillion settlement from the City of Chicago. The City Council Finance Commi...

14 Sep 13

Jeffrey Dean Moreland Original Article09/13/2013By Iris CarrerasHARRISONVILLE - A former western Missouri police officer has been convicted of killing a woman who was sexually assaulted, shot in the head and left in a bathtub at her home. CBS a...

06 Sep 13

Original Article06/17/2013By Lisa BensonKSHB - A Missouri man who spent three decades in prison for rape he didn't commit is now a free man. 49 year old [name withheld] convicted in 1984 of rape, sodomy and robbery. He was identified by the rape...

02 Sep 13

Original ArticleDoesn't surprise us one bit. It's not a "justice" system, it's an INjustice system!08/29/2013By Radley BalkoI've previously written about the cognitive bias problem in state crime labs. This is the bias that can creep into the wo...

22 Aug 13

David Kendall Original Article08/22/2013By Hurst Laviana Former Sedgwick County detention Deputy David Kendall was bound over for trial Wednesday on charges that he raped two jail inmates last year and sexually propositioned four others. At the...

16 Aug 13

Stephen Laurence Huggett Original Article08/14/2013By SHERRI ZICKEFOOSE A retired Calgary police officer convicted of child porn charges is facing new sex allegations involving a seven-year-old girl. The molestation incidents are alleged to hav...

16 Aug 13

A teenager who spent months behind bars wrongly accused of rape after a DNA blunder has spoken of his ‘relief, anger and disgust’ after the charge was dropped.

Adam Scott, 19, was due to stand trial next month in connection with a sex attack on a woman at Plant Hill Park in Blackley.

The M.E.N. revealed yesterday how his DNA – taken in connection with a separate matter – had contaminated a sample from the victim while being processed at a laboratory run by LGC Forensics.

Mr Scott, from Truro in Cornwall, is now considering taking legal action – and his lawyers are calling for a public inquiry into the blunder, which could lead to other rape and murder cases being reopened.

27 Jul 13

Thomas Andrew Tovar Original Article07/26/2013By Jens Manuel Krogstad A former Muscatine police officer has been arrested and charged with sexual assault, state officials said Friday.Thomas Andrew Tovar, 46, is accused of assaulting a woman in ...

24 Jul 13

Original Article07/24/2013 Based on the data compiled in the NYS Wrongful Conviction Database, 35.5% of wrongful convictions since 1881 have been caused by official misconduct on the part of the prosecution and/or the police. This disregard for ...

23 Jul 13

Frank Lee Smith died of cancer on death row, just months before DNA exonerated him of raping and murdering an 8-year-old girl in Fort Lauderdale. Now, more than 13 years later, his family's civil lawsuit against the Broward Sheriff's Office and two detectives accused of framing him has finally been settled.

Smith's death made him a national symbol because it was the first case in the U.S. that scientifically proved an innocent man had died in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

But the financial settlement reached with the Sheriff's Office — on behalf of the agency and retired detectives Richard Scheff and Philip Amabile — is much less than the millions awarded in Broward's other notorious wrongful conviction cases.

The civil suit was recently settled for just $340,000 — including attorney fees and legal costs, lawyers Michael Wrubel and James Green told the Sun Sentinel. They filed the lawsuit on behalf of Smith's closest surviving relative, his half-sister Virginia Smith, of Sunrise.

22 Jul 13

In 1982, Dennis Fritz and Ron Williamson were convicted of a brutal rape and murder in a small town in Oklahoma. The victim was 21-year-old Debra Sue Carter, a waitress at the Coachlight Club. Williamson and Fritz each spent more than 11 years in prison for a crime that DNA evidence later proved they did not commit.

Before he went to prison, Fritz was raising his then-12-year-old daughter Elizabeth, alone. He decided she shouldn't visit him in prison, because he sensed she was scared. But, Fritz says, he knew his daughter loved him, and believed in his innocence.

Elizabeth was 24 when Fritz got out, and he remembers the moment they saw each other in the visiting room of the county jail, where he'd been transferred prior to his release.

22 Jul 13

It was a frighteningly close call for Charles Tubbins. The 23-year-old Buffalo man was already charged with murder and indicted by a grand jury for a crime he did not commit.

All that was required for a wholesale miscarriage of justice was for the plea negotiations to begin, presenting Tubbins with the horrifying options of standing trial or admitting to a crime he didn't commit in hopes of a lesser sentence.

It didn't come to that because DNA evidence found at the crime scene exonerated Tubbins and implicated another man, Ahkeem R. Huffman. To his credit, Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita moved quickly to dismiss the charges, but the case raises the same issues that have led to lengthy prison sentences for other innocent people in Erie County - issues of which law enforcement and the State Legislature are fully aware, but haven't seen fit to address.

Tubbins was ensnared by the same human error that put Anthony Capozzi in prison for rapes he did not commit: witness misidentification. Eyewitness testimony was the only evidence against Tubbins, who, his lawyer noted, has no prior criminal convictions, no history of violence, no prior felony or misdemeanor.

28 Jun 13

When a San Jose man charged with murdering a Monte Sereno millionaire was suddenly freed last month, prosecutors acknowledged he had an airtight alibi - he was drunk and unconscious at a hospital when the victim was killed in his mansion miles away.

But a mystery remained: How did the DNA of 26-year-old Lukis Anderson - who was so drunk his blood alcohol content was five times the legal limit - end up on the fingernails of slaying victim Raveesh "Ravi" Kumra?

Santa Clara County prosecutors answered that question Wednesday, saying the same two paramedics who had treated Anderson for intoxication at a downtown San Jose liquor store in November had responded to Kumra's home just hours later.

26 Jun 13

SAN DIEGO — Even though he spent the past eight years in prison, wrongly convicted of kidnapping and raping a teenager in Lemon Grove, Uriah Courtney is considered among the lucky ones.

Lucky, because his case caught the attention of the California Innocence Project.

Lucky, because evidence in the sexual assault still existed to be retested for DNA.

And lucky, because he is one of the few to actually have his conviction overturned, said California Western School of Law professor Justin Brooks, who oversees the Innocence Project.

Courtney, 33, was released from Donovan State Prison on May 6 after new tests showed DNA from the victim’s clothing matched another felon who lived in the area of the attack.

18 Jun 13

Texas resident Steven Phillips has had a rough 30 years.

In 2009, after 24 years in prison, Phillips was declared innocent of the sexual assault charges that landed him behind bars. DNA evidence showed that sexual offender Sydney Alvin Goodyear, not Phillips, had committed the offenses he was in prison for.

His time in jail wrecked much of his life. Phillips spent almost three decades locked up, waiting to for the world to believe his claim of innocence. He and his wife divorced in 1992, 10 years after his sentence began. Phillips missed out on raising his child that was due the same year he was incarcerated.

18 Jun 13

Serving a lengthy prison sentence for a rape he didn’t commit, Robert E. Nelson asked for DNA testing to prove his innocence. Twice since 2009, he was turned down.

In late 2011, Jackson County prosecutors working through cold cases sought testing for a very different reason: to find Nelson’s accomplice. A few months later, as prosecutors were nearly finished with their testing, a judge approved Nelson’s newest request.

17 Jun 13

A Missouri man who spent three decades in prison for rape he didn’t commit is now a free man. 49 year old Robert Nelson was convicted in 1984 of rape, sodomy and robbery. He was identified by the rape victim as one of the men involved in the crime. But after the Midwest Innocence Project got involved, Nelson’s DNA was tested and showed that he was not the perpetrator.

16 Jun 13

A GAY man found himself arrested and accused of a sex crime on a train simply because he was wearing a blue jacket.

Chris Jones has been left feeling very distressed and shocked after his eight hour ordeal at the hands of British Transport Police officers.

He has written to the Independent Police Complaints Commission to complain about their conduct and wants £200 compensation to make up for the loss of earnings for the time he had off work to recover from what happened.

30 Apr 13

Original Article04/30/2013 A man was held in prison for three months while wrongly accused of child rape because police refused to carry out a DNA test after reportedly saying it was a waste of public money.[name withheld] is planning to sue pol...

21 Apr 13

In 1984, when I was just 21, I was convicted of a rape I did not commit. DNA evidence would subsequently prove my innocence, but not before I spent a decade behind bars.

Nothing is more horrifying than prison life when you know you shouldn't be there. You lose more than just your freedom; you lose your very identity.

The experience of being wrongfully convicted is truly unusual. Only others who have spent time in prison for a crime they didn't commit can fully appreciate the nightmare.

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