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Mar 24, 15

This says a lot of what I’ve been feeling lately, but with much more eloquence @thereadingzone @edyngrey

Mar 24, 15

A4: Comprehensive list of classroom friendly slam poets/poems: #engchat

Mar 24, 15

Mary Oliver reads "Wild Geese" and discusses her work: #engchat

Mar 23, 15

@teacherman82 @AmyRass Gen info re: @Frost_Place Conf: #engchat Returning for a third time in June.

Mar 21, 15

.@kamadorteach Forge by @AdonitNews Adonit is a new free fav app for making #sketchnotes #create2lesrn

Mar 21, 15

Highly rec latest ep of @ThisAmerLife, which explores how the wealth and class divide affects teens (and everyone)

Mar 21, 15

.@kamadorteach my favorite visual notetaking #sketchnote apps are on @ShowWithMedia many are free

Mar 18, 15

What my tweets say about me, according to this thing Relieved (?) by the low Valley Girl score

Mar 13, 15

Ooh, this illustrator made awesome portraits of brilliant women in science! Booya, women in STEM!

Mar 05, 15

Madeleine L’Engle on creativity, hope, and how to get unstuck

Mar 04, 15

Make sure you sign up for @RemindHQ new chat feature where Students and Teachers can communicate safely #Njed

Mar 04, 15

@thereadingzone @NJCTE Have you seen this article that mentions 1 of our members & 2 of our Executive Board members?

Feb 27, 15

Then you are from the alien planet THAT NASA SAW HAS LIGHTS ON IT @thereadingzone @amylvpoemfarm @MrazKristine

Feb 27, 15

“If you raise your level of positivity, then your brain performs significantly better."” @ErinThurston1 - for 2/27

Feb 20, 15

We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training. via @washingtonpost

Feb 19, 15

33 Evernote Tips via @SlideShare, Some awesome ideas for #writers to organize their research #amwriting @evernote

Feb 13, 15

@thereadingzone I just started tinkering with a new web-based platform called Ponder. ( #litlead

Feb 10, 15

Shout out to @instituteofplay for their innovative take on Socratic seminars: #engchat #edchat

Feb 08, 15

This Surprising Reading Level Analysis Will Change the Way You Write | The Con… via @contently

Feb 07, 15

Buy a print copy and get the e-book free! New from @KellyGToGo #bestinterest

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