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01 Apr 14

U.S. Students Score Above Average on First PISA Problem-Solving Exam #research #education

31 Jan 14

"#College & HS classes penalize failure but w/o trial & error no #innovation" @drtonywagner #education

13 Oct 12

Old Strategies Hinder Common Core's Success #teaching #commoncore #edpolicy #education #edu

06 May 12

From The Hub: Why YA in the Classroom #booklists #inthenews #curriculum #education

21 May 11

At the classroom level, there is no doubt that faculty members can and must do more. As a colleague with longstanding experience in teaching explained to me, a very simple way to corroborate the authenticity of the work by the student is to ask for an abstract written in the classroom and compare it later with the previously finished work.

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