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Jun 21, 15

Science is not scary - it's weird, creative and requires empathy. Details in the #SCICOMM 25

Aug 29, 14

“Why tell a story? Well, stories inspire. Slides don’t.” …neither do journal articles. via @PublicHealth #scicomm

Jun 12, 14

Great for #scicomm MT @mdichristina I like this helpful set of terms that scientists use vs meanings for the public

May 13, 14

List of 400+ Women in science #edchat #scicomm #openscience
1000+ scientists, science writers, and science organizations. #edchat #scicomm #openscience #scitlap #scistuchat

Mar 28, 14

Class act. What happens when science communication is brought into the classroom? Interesting: #SciComm by @ShipLives

Mar 28, 14

Submit science communication articles for free throughout 2014 at @F1000Research #openaccess #scicomm

Feb 26, 14

"sci doesn’t tell us what to do, it helps us understand what Qs to ask" Even in #science of #scicomm by @LizNeeley

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