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  • Writing mechanicsare not graded, because the students are concentrating solely onexpression of ideas
  • he purpose for using a focused quickwrite as the opening ofthe class period is to link the previous day’s learning to newcoverage. This requires that the teacher construct a prompt thathelps students make relevant connections.
  • Quickwrites, however, do notrequire this grading “burden.” They focus not on how well studentswrite, but on how well they reason.Quickwrites may be shared orally with peers immediatelyafterward or simply collected by the teacher as a means of gaugingstudents’ grasp of on-going instruction. Either way, classroom andgrading time is minimal, but the minutes spent in this activity havehigh instructional impact
Nov 28, 13

Remembering Don Graves & his legacy #Heinemann #NCTE13

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