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Jul 02, 15

“SHARK!” The article that inspired Jaws: (by Peter Benchley, Holiday)

Jul 02, 15

Don't forget our live blog! Keep up with the third day of the Boothbay Literacy Retreat on our liveblog: #BBLit15

Jun 29, 15

Five Ways Teachers Can Limit the Fear of Creative Failure via @spencerideas

Jun 29, 15

Don’t Take a Pill, Write a Poem: The Practical, High-Demand Healing Powers and Neuro-Science of Poetry

Jun 29, 15

Anonymous said: Can you recommend some books with female Asian MAIN characters? I have to admit that I'm...

Jun 26, 15

Content-Area Writing Cosmetology @fkrzanik

Jun 21, 15

Science is not scary - it's weird, creative and requires empathy. Details in the #SCICOMM 25

Jun 18, 15

"SGPs Are Not Test Scores" And Other Tales From Trenton @DianeRavitch @carolburris @realsaramerica @thereadingzone

Jun 17, 15

5 Outside of the Box Assessments Ideas via @Catlin_Tucker

Jun 15, 15

.@mariecorfield @MarieBlistan Respected NJ teacher takes @govchristie to task #NJEA
So proud to have worked with this amazing teacher, writer, colleague, & friend. She speaks the truth! #edchat #njed
.@thereadingzone No, thank you for having the courage to stand up to the bullying of @GovChristie:

Jun 14, 15

hey writers! the atlantic wants your awesome health/tech/science pitches! we pay! tell your friends!

guide here:

Jun 13, 15

This, and the fact that she is a great teacher, is why I'm a huge fan of @thereadingzone. You all should read this!

Jun 13, 15

Women scientists are tweeting “sexy” photos of themselves at work to shut down sexism

Jun 13, 15

CNN: Elephants have a secret language

Jun 13, 15

Newest court employee: Dog provides comfort to kids on the stand

Jun 13, 15

Using lit to teach math & coding? Love it!

via @NCLE
#edtech #ProjectReimaginED #CCSS #engchat #mathchat

Jun 13, 15

Five Science Videos That Make You Think About Ethics, Habitat and Climate Change

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