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Samantha Morra

Samantha Morra's Public Library

Mar 27, 15

How Grit, Social Media and Innovation Will Disrupt Education in 2015 #ASCD15 #edtechchat

Mar 26, 15

""Higgs boson walks into a church, and the priest says, 'I'm sorry we don’t allow Higgs bosons to come to churches.' And [the Higgs] says, 'But without me, you can’t have mass.'""

Mar 26, 15

From @sammorra: why you should use Twitter for professional growht #ASCD2015 #PLN #ProfDev

@sammorra I do believe so. Great session!

Just loved the presentation of @sammorra got many useful tips! #ascd15

@sammorra I read that it rocked! Great job!!

@sammorra in your session currently ...this is my first ever tweet

@sammorra fabulous orientation! How can I save your PP?

Who's that weird person @sammorra is currently doing a Twitter demo on? ;) (Thanks for the follow, Sam!) #ASCD15
Mar 23, 15

"Einstein wrote a research paper in the 1920s. Maybe a few dozen people in the world could understand it; it was a curiosity, and it kind of languished. Well, later on people noticed: Out of its ideas came the laser. When Einstein wrote that paper, he wasn’t thinking, “This will produce barcodes.” He wasn’t thinking laser surgery. He wasn’t thinking laser weapons or laser pointers. None of this was in his head, but he created the foundations for it. So I don’t believe you if you’re trying to tell me that learning how something works and why it works won’t enhance your understanding of what it is you’re experiencing!"

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