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Angela Alcorn

Angela Alcorn's Public Library

18 Apr 14

A visual multi-player game about mice for kids.

18 Mar 14

Locke builds a bridge to potential customers by writing brief blog essays that don't relate directly to his books (or to him) and publishing them on his website. Each essay employs a theme, however, that is associated with one of his novels, and he includes a true story about a person of note.

He then heads to Twitter, where he finds that famous person's hashtag, then tracks down several hundred of that person's Twitter followers. He writes a tweet about his essay, including the link to his site (or directly to an e-book), including his own hashtag -- and @s the tweet out to those several hundred people. It immediately goes viral. This method is easily tailored to the task of driving new customers to enterprise content.

31 Jan 14

Girl Friday Productions is a team of word-loving professionals that helps bring ideas, books, and brands to life. We work with authors and other creative professionals to envision, create, and cultivate materials that reflect their unique voice and brand. From ghostwriting to developmental editing to production to social media, with our collective depth and breadth of experience in the publishing world, no project is beyond our capability or capacity. If it involves words, we’re your Girls.<br /><br />

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