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13 Apr 14

This is not sound advice, at all. The contributing writer clearly has no relative experience. None of this gear is "must-have" as I spend most of my life in the backcountry skiing, climbing, camping and I don't wish to own any of these gear suggestions.

- 57 Kg is completely absurd for the Camino or any similar objective.

- Sat phone is completely unnecessary. If you must have SOS, get an inReach SE for weight and cost savings.

- LuxuryLite poles are twice the price and far less durable than a popular pair of Black Diamond trekking poles. I have also never seen them anywhere in the Rockies. It's a sign.

- SolarMonkey setup is heavy and expensive compared to GoalZero's Guide 10 kit.

- Arc'teryx certainly does make a fine pack but it may not fit others as well. Fit is everything for a pack and for most, the cost of an Arc pack is difficult to justify.

- Sony TX30 has poor battery life, touchscreen won't work while wet, no GPS and image quality is low. Get a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 instead.

- Garmin Tactix has fewer features than the Suunto Ambit 2, which also has a better online component as well.

To be fair, his choice of headlamp is acceptable.

This perso is the epitome of the sickness that is our consumer culture....can't take a hike that, as he/she says, has been frequented for many centuries by pilgrims without ten grand worth of future e-trash gadgets and this years' space age gear.

09 Apr 14

Arif Albany, NY
I once said tongue-in-cheek that happy people are "useless" people. Sad people have created the most poignant music, the most subtle paintings and the most compelling reading. Angry people have are motivated to change the world, to end world hunger, to promote societal justice, to solve societal dilemmas.

A life fully lived has sad and angering moments perhaps in greater proportion than happy moments. When these happy moments come, they are so much more meaningful for the person that has suffered than for the person who has not suffered.

mgaudet Louisiana 9 hours ago
It makes me remember the old saw: We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.

  • Often, physical or social suffering can give people an outsider’s perspective, an attuned awareness of what other outsiders are enduring.

    But the big thing that suffering does is it takes you outside of precisely that logic that the happiness mentality encourages. Happiness wants you to think about maximizing your benefits.

  • The agony involved in, say, composing a great piece of music or the grief of having lost a loved one smashes through what they thought was the bottom floor of their personality, revealing an area below, and then it smashes through that floor revealing another area.

    Then, suffering gives people a more accurate sense of their own limitations, what they can control and cannot control.

  • Recovering from suffering is not like recovering from a disease. Many people don’t come out healed; they come out different. They crash through the logic of individual utility and behave paradoxically. Instead of recoiling from the sorts of loving commitments that almost always involve suffering, they throw themselves more deeply into them. Even while experiencing the worst and most lacerating consequences, some people double down on vulnerability. They hurl themselves deeper and gratefully into their art, loved ones and commitments.

  • One major constituent of ocean junk is fishing gear such as nets and buoys, says Eric Galbraith, an assistant professor in the department of earth and planetary science at McGill University.



    "Floating nets often come adrift, and cause particularly bad problems because they can be long-lived deathtraps for marine animals," he says.

01 Apr 14

"The main culprit, according to three large studies, may be milk and other dairy products. In a 2005 study more than 47,000 nurses were questioned about whether they suffered from 'severe acne' in their teenage years and also what they ate. There was a correlation between high milk intake and bad acne. Surprisingly, skimmed milk came out worse than whole.
Another study questioned 4,273 boys and 6,094 girls and again found a link between severe acne and high milk consumption. The authors speculated that hormones in the milk might be to blame (no one has researched whether organic milk produces the same results)."

01 Apr 14

"A report linking teenage acne directly to the consumption of dairy foods was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in 2005 (Adebamowo, 2005). A link between the intake of milk during adolescence and the incidence of acne was observed in 47,355 women who completed questionnaires on high school diet and teenage acne (as diagnosed by a doctor). Because the link between teenage acne and milk consumption was strongest for skimmed milk, it would seem that the saturated fat content of milk is not the causal factor. The authors hypothesise that the hormonal content of milk may be responsible for causing acne in teenagers. Cow’s milk contains the hormones oestrogen and progesterone along with certain hormone precursors (androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone-sulphate, and 5ª-reduced steroids like 5ª-androstanedione, 5ª-pregnanedione and dihydrotestosterone), some of which have been implicated in the development of acne. T"

  • "An average serving at a fast food place of sugar-sweetened soda ... approaches 30 grams of sugar per serving,"
  • According to Statistics Canada, in 2004, the average Canadian consumed 26 teaspoons of sugar per day.
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