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Sibrenne Wagenaar

Sibrenne Wagenaar's Public Library

Jun 29, 15

Link met thema - Pieter van Vollenhoven - intern gericht.

Jun 29, 15

Website met veel waardevolle info.

May 06, 15

instead of focusing on communicating in new ways, it's important that collaboration and contribution is in line with the work people do every day.

May 06, 15

In a way its question What Are You Doing? is what Narrate Your Work asks of you too.

May 06, 15

Let's start with the two big ones: authenticity and transparency. These two often become interchangeable to me when they really shouldn't. They're two separate ideas.

  • Transparency is how much you share and authenticity is the truth of your words and actions.
May 06, 15

some recommendations about how to use these tools to simultaneously advance your own work, make your existence and expertise better known throughout a digital community, and benefit the organization as a whole.

May 06, 15

Working out loud is the art of narrating, and doing, our work in public. It's about doing what we do in a visible way to our colleagues. It's a generous way of working and we get back what we put in.

May 06, 15

Interessant om te zien hoe een hotelketen inspeelt op de behoefte van jongeren. FOBO's en FOMO's.

  • FOBO’s is de afkorting van ‘fear of being offline’.
  • FOMO, ‘fear of missing out’
  • Het profiel van de FOBO met FOMO:
May 06, 15

Leuke Vlaamse site over gebruik nieuwe media door jongeren. Ook onderzoek.

  • generatie Y deelt via social media gemiddeld zes stuks content per dag. Hiermee is e-mail (met vijf stuks per dag) voorbijgestreefd door social media.
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