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  • Working Out Loud   =   Observable Work   +   Narrating Your Work
Feb 26, 15

Emerging frameworks – heutagogy (learning as self-determined and non-linear) and paragogy (peer-to-peer and decentred learning) – have important implications for practice in the 21st Century.

  • Emerging frameworks – heutagogy (learning as self-determined and non-linear) and paragogy (peer-to-peer and decentred learning) – have important implications for practice in the 21st Century.
  • the democratization of knowledge and information.
  • An emphasis on developing capabilities in a learner-directed, non-linear and process-oriented way makes it particularly well suited to today’s digital generation, where connectivity, creativity and reflexivity are foundational to global citizenship and collaboration.

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Feb 26, 15

In the first part of this paper, we will present a synthesis of the four main principles of social learning before concentrating on some of the shortcomings of these principles, adding some insights, and putting forward concepts such as aesthetic reflectivity, transformative power, the balance of expert and lay(wo)man commitment, and the balance of internal and external communication.

  • Social learning has to do with the  exploration of existing and new standards of learning of social  responsibility among groups, organisations and communities in conditions  which are new, unexpected, uncertain and hard to predict. It is aimed at  the solution of unforeseen context problems and is characterised by an  optimal use of the problem-solving potential of groups, institutions or  communities. Social learning is action- and experience-oriented, it is  critically reflective; it is based on the questioning of assumptions and  taken-for-granted problem definitions; it is interactive and communicative,  which means that the dialogue between the people involved is of foremost  importance; it is also characterised by multi-actorship, as the solution of  relatively complex issues presupposes the collaboration of a diversity of  actors. Social learning also contributes to the exploration and  redefinition of the social responsibility of the actors involved.


  • framing  reality
  • The first principle of social learning is its action- and experience- directedness

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Feb 26, 15

the roles technology can play in enabling socially constructed meaning.

  • In all of these situations, learners are actively manipulating the objects and tools of the trade and learning by reflecting on what they have done.
  • it is impossible for learners to know what the teacher knows. They can only know what they know, so they should be supported in the process of coming to know.
  • ndividualized, reproductive methods of instruction cheat learners out of more natural and productive modes of thinking. 

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  • Working out loud facilitate sharing and making sense of the emerging patterns thus helping orgs and individuals to solve problems faster and more creatively. Working out loud is also a great sense-making mechanism--one of the key skills required today. The activities of sharing and connecting in turn help individuals learn from each other and move toward a self-driven, continuous learning mode.
Feb 19, 15

Klinkt als mooi initiatief! expertise van leraren benutten door digitaal in verbinding te staan.

Feb 19, 15

In een korte animatie wordt uitgelegd hoe je snel zelf aan de slag kunt met netwerkleren. Netwerkleren houdt in dat je snel en gestructureerd gebruik maakt van de kennis en kunde van je collega's.

Feb 19, 15

4 trends: silos afgebroken, collectieve kennisdeling, virtuele f2f interactie, opslag in cloud

Feb 19, 15

Gratis boeken te vinden. Hier van Malcolm Gladwell

Feb 19, 15

Bureau die Adobe Connect kan faciliteren. Aanrader via Karin Hornstra

Feb 19, 15

Heel goede berichten over gehoord. Voordeel ook: je kunt fietstassen achter op je eigen fiets hangen.

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