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Jun 22, 15

facesofthevictorianera: “Steam Tricycle in Front of the Smithsonian c. 1888 The Smithsonian Archives ”

Jun 09, 15

smithsonian: “Glamping Goals: These 19th and early 20th C. Smithsonian field scientists who roughed it in style More on the Smithsonian Archives blog ”

May 13, 15

Nominations Now Open for the 2015 NDSA Innovation Awards. A blog post at "The Signal: Digital Preservation" on 2015-05-12.

May 11, 15

The most popular Burgess Shale worm, Ottoia prolifica - known as the penis worm - was a scary beast with a tooth-lined throat that looked like a cheese grater.

Apr 13, 15

After genocide and protracted conflicts, artists like Willem de Kooning posited that we had to deconstruct our present and past to uncover truth.

Apr 13, 15

Boston, MA: Digital Production Coordinator, Northeastern University Savannah, GA: Program Assistant, Georgia Historical Society Washington, DC: Records Management Specialist, US Dept. of Justice Am...

Apr 03, 15

El 17 de diciembre de 2014, los presidentes de Cuba y los Estados Unidos, Raúl Castro y Barack Obama, hicieron inesperados anuncios simultáneos que se d

Mar 26, 15

↑ This late 19th century postcard features the Smithsonian Institution Building, otherwise known as the Castle. The text in the postcard reads, "This card was printed by the blind....

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