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Mar 26, 15

↑ This late 19th century postcard features the Smithsonian Institution Building, otherwise known as the Castle. The text in the postcard reads, "This card was printed by the blind....

Mar 24, 15

All images via Smithsonian Institution Archives It's #MuseumWeek! a.k.a Twitter's concerted effort to encourage all the world's cultural institutions to share the incredible wealth of information hidden within their

Mar 24, 15

From the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, declaring, “All men are created equal,” women have been fighting for their rights.

Mar 24, 15

Galleries and cultural centers around the world are sharing images of their treasures on Twitter this week with the hashtag #MuseumWeek.

Mar 24, 15

When British neuroscientist Susan Greenfield became the first woman to give the UK’s prestigious Royal Institution Christmas lectures in 1994, journalists at the time focused on ...

Mar 24, 15

Full Text: Breakthrough science requires pioneers, people who combine brilliance with courage, even in the face of daunting opposition. The women who paved the way for modern scientific exploration exemplify this spirit, grappling not only with fundamental questions of the universe, but with discri...

Mar 24, 15

“ From NSF Science360 Picture Of The Day; March 19, 2015: Pioneering Women in STEM - Chien-Shiung Wu Breakthrough science requires pioneers, people who combine brilliance with courage, even in the...

Mar 24, 15

From Warhol's 610 individual time capsules to Hilla Rebay's rules for arranging art at the Guggenheim, here are 10 art secrets we learned from #MuseumWeek.

Mar 17, 15

…aneb Pozoruhodná historie dvou rumunských teropodů V období posledních zhruba pěti milionů let před koncem dinosauří éry obývaly území dnešní východní Evropy obří sovy, dosahující výšky až dvou me...

Mar 16, 15

Like a grotesque parody of Gilligan's Island, these castaways were paranoid, eccentric, megalomaniacal...and deadly.

Feb 23, 15

Women's History Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons coolchicksfromhistory: “Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world, but over 90% of the editors are male. Experts believe that this gender...

Feb 20, 15

The characteristics of mobile phones that make them so useful remain largely unexploited by academic publishers.

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