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Mar 09, 13

Great background, framework, lit review, model for HE study

Mar 09, 13

Findings indicate that iPad utilization not only facilitated administrative tasks (memos, calendars, etc.), but also improved specific complex administrator responsibilities such as teacher evaluations. School administrators perceived that their use of iPads improved their professional image, augmented their ability to lead in a technologically advanced workplace, and generated a significant return on the district’s financial investment. Data, analysis, reflections, connections to teacher education, technology in schools, principal preparation and future research directions are presented.

    • best way to support faculty is to provide a faculty developer or instructional designer who can:

      • Work with faculty to clarify the learning outcomes for the course
      • Get to know the faculty member's teaching style (are they a lecturer? A facilitator? Are they used to interactive group discussions?) and, rather than attempt to change the instructor's style to fit the new technology, help them choose apps that will support their existing pedagogy
      • Go over a sample lesson plan with the instructor
      • Search for the right apps
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