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Shelly Terrell

Shelly Terrell's Public Library

about 10 hours ago

Have you seen this? I think my work can help your work? Best regards, @profseeman

Aug 01, 15

Thanks @ShellTerrell for the digital badges resources

Jul 31, 15

@ShellTerrell @TomWhitby @Web20classroom please reach out keren.caple @ if of interest 3/3

Jul 29, 15

History of the Selfie dating back to 1839! Bet most aren't bothered by these selfies #edchat #digcit #selfie

Jul 28, 15

Why women apologize and why they should stop via @nytopinion

Jul 27, 15

“Explaining graphic design to four-year-olds” by @DeanVipond #design

Jul 27, 15

Research: The economics of your neighborhood skew your beliefs about wealth distribution.

Jul 27, 15

Rubrics and instructions included for 3 minute student video tutorials

Jul 26, 15

John Green: The nerd's guide to learning everything online | TED Talk | #edtech #educoach #edchat

Jul 25, 15

Thanks to #EmojiLiteracy from @Dominos, I'll never have to type P-I-Z-Z-A instead of

Jul 25, 15

This may be the most random post you'll read today. #NyukNyukNyuk #njed #edchat #mathchat #elemchat @ShellTerrell

Jul 25, 15

How do you teach the emoji generation? @ShellTerrell knows. 1 of 20+ free live #iTDi classes

Jul 25, 15

@timbuckteeth I guess I started my own #blimage challenge. I challenge @ShellTerrell See image on my blog

Jul 25, 15

I challenge ace US bloggers @web20classroom @ShellTerrell and @justintarte to #blimage

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