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about 15 hours ago

Student Kit- directory of student tools. Created by a teen #stuvoice #edtech #edchat

about 15 hours ago

Facebook hits a milestone: 1 billion people use it in a day

about 15 hours ago

This 15-year-old Vine star is crossing over to mainstream TV with a deal to appear on 'Dancing with the Stars'

about 15 hours ago

@ShellTerrell Got a new Education app for you:
Free code (enter as giftcard in iTunes): A4TW6FHK74NX

about 15 hours ago

Please feel free to make a copy of this to help keep your goals front and center this year.

about 15 hours ago

Why Teen-Agers Are the Worst The science of brain development via @NewYorker

Aug 27, 15

@ShellTerrell @TRB_SA I do dialogues like this and 'monologues' like this tell u next wk...

Aug 26, 15

iPad/Android app with 100 idea prompts to get kids thinking/writing #ukedchat #edchat

Aug 25, 15

The 4 Phases Of Developing Your Creative Voice via @toddhenry #edchat

Aug 25, 15

@30GoalsEDU @ShellTerrell just another pep talk #30goalsedu

Aug 24, 15 thank a teacher mentor @30GoalsEDU @ShellTerrell @OlhaMadylus

Aug 24, 15 Students blog! @30GoalsEDU @ShellTerrell

Aug 24, 15

@30GoalsEDU @ShellTerrell magic teacher zen moment ;) #30goalsedu

Aug 24, 15 @30GoalsEDU @ShellTerrell Learn outside the classroom

Aug 23, 15

Good way to find related chats #satchat #satchatwc #satchatoc #aussieED #njed #sunchat #teacher @ShellTerrell

Aug 23, 15

Great starting point- Use it like a menu. Every week let the Ss pick a way to show you what they learned. Go

Aug 23, 15

15 year-old Trisha Prabhu creates software to fight cyber hate, great story @Carla_Pereira2 @tina_zita @ShellTerrell

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