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Sheila Fredericks

Sheila Fredericks's Public Library

Feb 13, 15

Love all of the Fun Digital Citizenship Resources curated @Fredericks_tis #petec15 #ktichat

Love the packed room! “@Fredericks_tis: Just finished my session! #PETE2015” @SEPAECT

Sheila @fredericks_tis with Kim Adair rocked #PETE2015 session~How Teaching Digital Citizenship Can be Fun! @sepaect
Feb 08, 15

@pocketlodge showing how he makes paper slide videos! Kids can make artifacts! #denapalooza

Feb 08, 15

Social studies songs abt Pennsylvania History, Communism & more can be found in @DiscoveryEd Streaming #DENapalooza

Feb 08, 15

Increase student success: create lesson videos & offer students a self-paced learning environment #DENapalooza

Feb 08, 15

Creating lesson videos can help each teacher be more efficient research #DENapalooza

Thanks for another great #DENChat. Thanks for leading the discussion @LParisi

Be sure to follow all the great people who joined in tonight. #DENChat

#DENChat student want more active learning

@savvyc_ Another great idea! I'm a first year teacher and learning every day. #DENChat

@Fredericks_research and credible sources always a challenge #DENChat

A3 I'm going to stay positive and do the best I can for those precious kiddos in my room. #DENchat
Jan 30, 15

Kudos with that: #DENChat @baileybunchrbe Keep the light going. Thank goodness for the DEN keeping mine fueled.

#DENChat A3: This wk's been about designing. If Ss and Ts can't come to me, then I'm sending #STEAMed challenges to them in their classes.

That is great to be able to say @Fredericks_tis about your school #DENChat
Jan 30, 15

RT @Fredericks_tis: ing news to share. Our 8th graders are on the news! #denchat Congrats!

Can't even wait 30 more minutes #DENspiration pinkie swear @RafranzDavis

I was thinking like a successful moment with DE this year #DENchat @SGHSScience

#DENchat 4me a #DENwin would prob be finally getting #DENbdays up & running and taking my first long distance flexible roadtrip with #DENSI
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