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Sheila Fredericks

Sheila Fredericks's Public Library

#DENspiration #sparkle

#DENspiration for today. Good luck to all #DENSI15 applicants!

#DENspiration for today

@Fredericks_tis @dciu @hanlon_josh A pleasure being there with all of you!

#DENspiration - welcome to any new followers! For those who attended #DENapalooza San Antonio (#SATX) Remember!

#DENspiration - where have you gone?

Night guys. Until next week. Have a great one! #DENchat

#denchat Resistance if futile. I love you all! Thanks again for tonight. See you same Bat Channel, same Bat Time next week.

@Fredericks_tis there's no chance in the pass out! You're a brave soul
May 01, 15

I so need one of these #denchat

@Fredericks_tis Awwww thanks. If I get accepted to #DENSI15 I have a plan for the week of #DENspiration

Also find #DENSpiring moments and cast them in bronze in your memory. And strive to be #DENspiring to others. #DENchat

#DENchat and for the Trekkies: I have been... and always shall be... your friend. Live long... and prosper.

@Fredericks_tis I have no clue. But I had no clue when I applied to DENSI either. THEN I got accepted and found out. :)

@neene That part I've heard about. I've heard that ISTE is the "in between" moments that make it worthwhile. #DENchat

"Keep calm and DEN on" I may have seen it on a T-shirt that I don't have ;( #DENChat @SGHSScience

Well you know #DENbdays is my specialty. I plan on being there. Depends on what time. @Fredericks_tis #DENchat Need to celebrate the DENcade
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