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Sheila Fredericks

Sheila Fredericks's Public Library

@Fredericks_tis THANKS-it looks DENmazing-all those personal connections!! #denchat

#DENspiration #underestimating

#DENspiration #happiness

Why you should you apply to #DENSI15 or try some other new PD or experience? Because...#DENspiration

2nd grd in Mich connected with 2nd grd in Penn w/. @Fredericks_tis today during our Mystery Skype! Fun way to learn.


@Fredericks_tis @ShiftParadigm YEA! I see @Fredericks_tis in my magic mirror! AWESOME!

Always love #DENchat so good to "visit" with DENfriends weekly. Thanks for hosting @BSGSCSFoster

#DENchat... and remember get and stay connected... that is what the #DEN is all about!
Mar 06, 15

A4: When I need a boost, I watch the closing Joy video from @shareski from DENSI2013. … #DENChat

@dgrice YES! I haven't done an EdCamp yet, but it is on my list. I am a DENapalooza addict. #DENchat

@krains @neene @dgrice Please DO join us for weekly #DENchat and make sure to check out ALL the DEN resources. There are LOTS! #connect

#DENchat 3B: If you didn't see this morning's #DENspiration, it reminds you to find that tribe so you have support.

@BSGSCSFoster EdCamps are fantastic for that too. I'm an EdCamp junkie. Totally worth the Saturday time investment. #denchat

Good evening @SGHSScience and everyone in #denchat It's a beautiful day here in Orange County, CA

@BSGSCSFoster A3: Text to @dacia92 , @kmilleridaho, @sbsteach, @tgratton77, @karenwells, and @MDiffenbaugh #denchat

Hey Lindsay! I am Francie from FL and I try to jump in #denchat for a bit when I can on Thursdays.
Feb 13, 15

Love all of the Fun Digital Citizenship Resources curated @Fredericks_tis #petec15 #ktichat

Love the packed room! “@Fredericks_tis: Just finished my session! #PETE2015” @SEPAECT

Sheila @fredericks_tis with Kim Adair rocked #PETE2015 session~How Teaching Digital Citizenship Can be Fun! @sepaect
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