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Sheila Fredericks

Sheila Fredericks's Public Library

Reply to @Fredericks_tis So sorry about that.I was connected to the WiFi on campus so maybe the bandwidth was slow or crowded. Many said Hi.

3pm, time for #gnomechat! #DENSI2015

What is an unconference? @teach42 explains it to us! #DENSI2015

@dacia92 just watched you at #DENSI2015 and loved it! Would love to learn more from you as I'm from the UK :-)

Thanks @teach42 for all the fun learning! #DENSI2015
Jul 15, 15

Awesome! @teach42 Food Fight WWII representation! #DENSI2015 #gcsk12 @jmammano @stephiengardner @smarkwith

Who knew 'Food Fight' videos could be so powerful? @teach42 #DENSI2015

@teach42 it's not where you take things from, it's where you take things TO. #DENSI2015

Rocking the VFT session! Dacia has us on the edge of our seat @dacia92 @ktschutt @CLykowski #DENSI2015

Augmented Reality w/ @karenogen #DENSI2015 #sketchnote

Let students make the videos! #DENSI2015 #DigitalStoryTelling

You missing out not being here at #DENSI2015 @reginaschaffer! #NotAtDENSI @msEdtechie @angeninegoode @accordin2jo @H270 @SoontobeEdD

"I'd rather ask forgiveness than permisson" Words to live by from @dacia92 #DENSI2015 and she's #NotAtDENSI!

I am already excited to use @Booktrack this school year. Ss can add sound effects, music, and an original cover to their stories! #DENSI2015

Rocking "Storytelling for the YouTube Generation" with @teach42 at #DENSI2015.

Great clips! Watching #fleasonrats with @teach42 at #DENSI2015.
Jul 15, 15

what the spleen do @teach42 #DENSI2015

Jul 15, 15

@teach42 History Video Created by HS Nephew of one of our teachers. @ADressander #DENSI2015

Rats on Fleas, love music in education!!!! Wtg @amyburvall #densi2015
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