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Sam Eneman

Sam Eneman's Public Library

Mar 25, 15

Elise Mueller, Duke Center for Instructional Technology, 3/24/2015

Mar 25, 15

Apple Support Communities, 12/4/2014: In System Preferences -> Sharing, unchecked Internet Sharing.

  • The most popular response was that the professor played them during class, at 63.4 percent
  • Perhaps not surprisingly, the study found that students do not like videos with speakers who are monotonous, appear nervous, or do not make eye contact with the camera. Videos with animations, real-world examples, and new material were well received. The ideal length of a video ranged from five to 20 minutes.
  • Very few students rely on the library for such materials, with only 32 percent of respondents saying they had searched for videos on their library’s website.
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