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  • The markdown engine we use for is Kramdown
  • We could say that the Kramdown magic concentrates to the following syntax: {: something}. This little devil is the basis of a lot of awesome resources.
  • Applying classes

    If you think of any CSS class, what comes into your mind first? I suppose it's something like:

    .blue {   color: blue; } 

    Okay, we have a .blue class. Let's say once in a while we want a blue paragraph or a blue heading. Just do:

    This is a paragraph that for some reason we want blue. {: .blue}

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  • I assume you have installed Debian in a way that it uses it's own separate swap partition. If you have not, I would suggest doing so (create another swap partition and change the /etc/fstab files accordingly), because too different operating systems writing to the same swap partition may discard hibernation data stored on the partition by the other OS.


    Then you have to ensure that the OS you want to use hibernation on (usually both), writes to the correct partition. This is configured in the /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume file. You have to put the UUID of the correct swap partition in there (use sudo blkid /dev/$device_name to get the UUID). Finally you need to update the initial ramdisk:

    sudo update-initramfs -u -k all
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