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  • Redefine the culture of your organisation from measurement by ‘face time’ to measurement by contribution, sharing and output.

  • I think this is one of the most transformational aspects of technology. It's a platform for personal expression and even entrepreneurialism if our own art catches the fancy of others. The traditional gatekeepers have given way to a jury of our peers. If you have created something worth sharing, you are in business.

  • there is an epidemic of bad management when it comes to remote working
  • Face time is not a remedy for slacking or for promoting better collaboration.  Better management of remote working will not establish a culture of innovation, but it would be a positive step forward.

  • The vertical dimension of our Engagement Pyramid represents the intensity of engagement, with low level, lightweight engagement at the bottom and high intensity, deep engagement at the top. Its horizontal dimension represents the number of people involved. Combine the two and you get a pyramid with lots of mildly engaged people at the base and a small number of deeply engaged people at the top.

  • Customized work is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s the ability of an individual employee to shape their career path within an organization and allows them to navigate to the roles they are best at and most passionate about.  Employees no longer need to focus on ascending the corporate ladder, they are now building their corporate ladder.

        Co13 HR Event   

  • HR the ideal spot from which to harness this change in work habits for the benefit of the company. A digital deluge of products are on offer to help human resources fulfill employees' and organizations' new demands. But which HR platforms enhance, not hinder the way we want to do our jobs and will truly help build a modern workplace?

  • A chief collaboration officer would be charged with integrating the enterprise as companies scramble to innovate from within.
Apr 15, 13

Tips to deal with communications problems in virtual work settings.

the author emphasizes that they stem from lacking context when mostly communicating with email and phone - another way (than those mentioned) to overcoming them is to use more sophisticated tools and communicating at multiple channels

Apr 13, 13

How to structure a virtual team and the role of social interaction in distributed work contexts

  • The need for working in teams that span timezone and geography has risen: sales teams that need to share global leads and meet shared targets, operational teams that need to synchronise processes, airlines that need to manage workforce schedules. Technology such as video conferencing, messaging, email, somehow still seems to be one step behind our growing need for staying connected both from a practical sense but also emotionally.

  • Chefs der alten Schule müssen sich in virtuellen Teams neu erfinden, ansonsten dreht ihnen das Team den Ton ab. Und sie sollten nicht auf die Idee kommen, durch ein paar Social Media-Funktionen virtuelle Zusammenarbeit einführen zu wollen.

  • It seems to me that it’s time we acknowledge that the office-based ways of working are on their way out. But that doesn’t mean place is not crucial. What it does mean is that we have to think about place in an altogether more sophisticated and nuanced way.

  • What can you do to lead the charge on social, on big data, on improved user and customer experience, on customer intelligence? How can you put yourself in the best position to drive change, rather than be driven by it? How can you embrace new alliances with customers (internal and external), so that you’re in a position to be proactive, and not become your company’s whipping post?

  • Become a collaborative communicator and work successfully across projects, teams, platforms and boundaries. Engage effectively in this new, harmonious way to work by gaining a deeper understanding of:

  • eadership is about how you “show up.”  In other words, it’s how we act and behave in everyday situations that define our leadership persona.
  • how do we “show up” as leaders in a world where work is increasingly done on a mobile phone or tablet, or using a video chat, web conference or Telepresence?
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