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21 Jul 12

"t scenarios. New tools and apps are proliferating exponentially by the day, and we "

25 Feb 10

A personal blog on emerging technology by Dr. Steve Yuen

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  • “Ten Technologies That Will Rock 2010.” Some of my picks were spot on: the Tablet (hello, iPad), Geo (Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places, mobile location-aware search, etc.), Realtime Search (it became an option on Google) and Android (now even bigger than the iPhone). Some are still playing out: HTML5 (it’s made great strides, but isn’t quite here yet), Augmented Reality (lots of cool apps have AR functionality, but for the most part it is still a parlor trick), Mobile Video (FaceTime and streaming video apps pushed it forward), Mobile Transactions (Square and other transaction processing options came onto the scene), and Social CRM (Salesforce pushed Chatter, and tons of social CRM startups pushed their wares, but enterprises are always slow to adopt). And one got pushed to 2011: Chrome OS (we are still waiting).
  • Web Video On Your TV:
  • Quora Will Have Its Twitter Moment:

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  • I have selected the following technologies. I do not mean to imply that every educator should be expected to use all of these technologies in the classroom, but rather that every educator should understand what these are, the potential they have in the classroom, and how their students may already be using them. 
  • 1. Video and Podcasting
  • 2. Presentation Tools

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  • The term disruptive technology was first coined by Clayton M. Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor. It is described as an innovation
  • that unexpectedly displaces an established technology.
  • By contrast, sustaining technologies, which improve the state of established devices, typically are viewed in a more favorable light.
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