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    • According to Pew, the top three countries in terms of adoption are:

      1. United States – 46%
      3. Poland – 43%
      5. UK – 43%

      Sure 46 percent is nice to look at and show to bosses, but what does that really mean? To get a better understanding I’ll break down some statistics based on the major networks and the location based networks.



      • 70% of the US’ 149 Million Facebook users login daily (Ogilvy)
      • Facebook is the top visited website, accounting for over 8% of all online visits (Hitwise)
      • 46% of US small businesses utilize social media in their marketing mix (Vistaprint)


      • Americans spend 2 hours, 12 minutes per day on Twitter (Experian)
      • 62.14% of Twitter users are in the US (Sysomos)
      • 66.93% of iPhone users who utilize Twitter are in the US (Sysomos)


      • YouTube accounts for 86% of US online video watching, Hulu, the #2 site, receives just 7% (imediaConnection)

  • It’s common to see brands with hundreds of thousands of followers and friends – clearly the chance for interaction has never been greater. Yet in a recent Twitter survey, 53% of corporate accounts did not ‘humanise’ their brand, 68% had less than 1,000 followers, and 15% were completely inactive – hardly an example of social media best practice!
    • Social media has many powers – to engage, alienate, create mistrust and make us customers for life who will continue to be brand ambassadors for as long as companies value our relationship. A pretty empowering marketing tool then……and therefore it’s rather unsurprising that corporate take-up has been so significant!

      • 79 out of the Fortune 100 are using social media as major channel for their marketing and communications
      • 88% of surveyed US companies say that their budget will increase for social media in 2011
  • Of US companies surveyed in 2011, 100% said that they were placing an increasing importance on social media as a marketing tool.
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