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  • Learning Analytics are, in essence, the collection of data that is gathered while learners are engaging in the eLearning experience. Analytics also consist of the analysis and reporting of this information.
  • vital pieces of data are recorded throughout the duration of the eLearning course such as learners’ score on a particular test/exam, how quickly they are progressing through a module, how many times have they have logged in, whether they have participated in a discussion board, etc. At the same time, Learning Analytics also offer online facilitators and instructors a comprehensive look at how a learner is performing, if he/she may need additional help with a particular lesson or subject, and even if the learner is likely to pass or not an eLearning course.  Such data can then be used to make educational analysis and predictions that help to determine which learning materials are appropriate, useful or irrelevant for the learners. This is primarily based upon learner’s performance, skill level, and personal interests.
  • Helps to predict learners’ performance

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      • A particular goal or outcomes to achieve 
      • A Conflict or challenge or a problem to be solved
      • A set of Rules to follow
      • Interaction within the environment 
      • A Compelling storyline
      • Continuous Feedback 

  • Details are necessary
  • Building appropriate contexts

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