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  • Reason No. 1: Professional Development
  • Reason No. 2: The Power To Engage
  • Reason No 3: Students Use Them Already

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  • Four universities are giving students the chance to complete certificate and degree programs by downloading class material to mobile devices like iPhones and iPods in a distance-learning initiative that one day could be commonplace in higher education.
  • The rise of mobile learning was outlined in the New Media Consortium’s 2010 Horizon Report, an annual prediction of higher-education technology trends in the next five years. (See “Report details coming trends in campus technology.”)


    Mobile computing will gain traction in colleges and universities within the next year, according to the report, largely owing to advances in mobile technology and an array of educational web applications.

  • The University Alliance’s use of MP4 technology lets students interact with peers and faculty members on shared virtual whiteboard spaces using two-way voice over IP.
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