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  • 1.    Google Tools Knowledge
    2.    Google Earth Knowledge
    3.    Wiki Knowledge
    4.    Blogging Knowledge
    5.    Spreadsheets Skills
    6.    Database Skills
    7.    Social Bookmarking Knowledge
    8.    Social Networking Knowledge
    9.    Web Resources in content area
    10.    Web Searching skills
    11.    Web2.0 Tools
    12.    Interactive White Board skills (SmartBoard and Promethium)
    13.    Website design and management skills
    14.    Presentation Tools
    15.    IM knowledge
    16.    Video and Podcasting
    17.    RSS feeds
    18.     Mobile and Handheld Computing
    19.    Virtual Worlds
    20.    Collaboration & Communication Tools

  • I have selected the following technologies. I do not mean to imply that every educator should be expected to use all of these technologies in the classroom, but rather that every educator should understand what these are, the potential they have in the classroom, and how their students may already be using them. 
  • 1. Video and Podcasting
  • 2. Presentation Tools

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  • Reason No. 1: Professional Development
  • Reason No. 2: The Power To Engage
  • Reason No 3: Students Use Them Already

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