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02 Apr 14

research study
by Center for Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida

02 Apr 14

tool for finding/curating content and publishing

01 Apr 14

formative evaluation of courses at University of Georgia
- by invitation on part of professor
- done 4 weeks into semester
- only questions related to student learning
- 3-step process: individual answers, reach consensus as group, weigh most pressing concerns

    • What aspects of class are going well?
    • What aspects of class need improvement?
    • What changes in the course would benefit student learning?
31 Mar 14

list of online activities by the Illinois Online Network: Educational Resources

  • Shorter videos are much more engaging. Engagement drops sharply after 6 minutes.
  • Videos that intersperse an instructor’s talking head with PowerPoint slides are more engaging than showing only slides
  • Videos produced with a more personal feel could be more engaging than high-fidelity studio recordings.

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