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  • 21.05. Amsterdam - Heineken Music Hall
     02.07. St. Gallen - Open Air St. Gallen
     11.09. Berlin - Lollapalooza Festival

  • “I Need a Beat” became an underground hit, which led to Def Jam scoring a distribution deal with CBS Records (which would become Sony Records in 1990)
  • But when the ‘80s became the ‘90s, the label found itself in serious financial troubles despite their mind-boggling success, and their money problems got so bad that by 1992, they were on the brink of folding.
  • But two years later, PolyGram would come to Def Jam’s rescue, buying Sony Record’s half of the company and bringing the iconic label under their wing, while at the same time keeping it a separate entity.

  • But by 1992, even with multiplatinum sellers from Def Jam artists, the label ran into financial troubles and subsequently, half its stake was sold to PolyGram Records.
  • The album’s massive commercial success combined with Redman’s Dare Iz a Darkside and Method Man’s Tical – which both went gold – helped Def Jam turn its financial problems around and go on to become the giant it is today.

  • However, Def Jam Recordings was experiencing financial trouble. In order to save the label, Sony sold their 50% share in Def Jam Records to the label "PolyGram Records" in 1994.
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