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May 13, 15

"Instant articles will be available from nine publishers starting at 10 a.m. ET: the Times, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, National Geographic, NBC News, The Guardian, BBC News, and Germany’s Bild and Der Spiegel. For now, you’ll only be able to see them on the iOS version of Facebook’s app; an Android version is forthcoming. Many instant articles won’t look much different from the links you’re already seeing as you scroll through your feed. But Facebook has created tools to help them stand out, including video "covers" that autoplay as you scroll."

Jan 21, 15

"Ratter will not be the place for reports on local council proceedings, recipes of the week, or prep football highlights. The directive he gives his local editors is simple: “The specific goal I told them was to alienate the local readership as much as possible,” Daulerio said. “Their version of L.A., or San Francisco, and hopefully New York, is supposed to be one that is inclusive with a national audience, and completely ignore the people that live there.”"

  • More than two thirds of respondents (70 per cent) see what they do as participation in community life, while over half (57 per cent) identify it as local journalism. As our own data below demonstrated, much hyperlocal output does indeed cover the kinds of information, campaigning and watchdog activities that are regarded as journalistic norms. In a media market where traditional providers of local news are in retreat people are stepping in and self-consciously doing it for themselves.


    • Key findings:

        • The UK community news sector is well-established, and dominated by players who have achieved a degree of longevity (nearly three quarters have been producing news for over three years, and nearly a third for more than five years).
        • Seven out of ten producers see what they do as a form of active community participation, over half see it as local journalism, and over half as an expression of active citizenship.
        • Large numbers also self-identify as producers of local journalism, and almost half have journalistic training or experience working in the mainstream media.
Jun 16, 14

"A Voxsplainer, for the uninitiated, is an explainer in the style of, the new site launched by Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias & co. that aims to help readers “understand the news.” Vox’s techniques and its sensibility have their admirers and their detractors. But one of Vox’s goals—offering comprehensive, engaging online summaries of issues in the news so that curious people who don’t know the backstory and aren’t experts can figure out what the heck is happening and why"

Dec 09, 13

"Despite the shifting ownership scene, the advertising pie has been shared by the same big players. We cannot claim that media is a profitable field for investors. We have argued in our reports, which were based on data we collected in 2011, that many of the media outlets, especially the newspapers, cannot generate optimal advertising revenues and therefore operate in the red. "

Oct 09, 13

"The channel is currently referred to internally as AJ+. Speaking at MIPCOM in Cannes, Al Jazeera’s Innovation and Incubation Manager Moeed Ahmad said:"

Aug 06, 13

"‘What everyone wanted to know, on Twitter and in the newsroom, was this: Was the video real or fake? That is the kind of question the [User-Generated Content] Hub is there to investigate.’"

  • I regard the whole community as my team and facilitate and edit material – much of which originates from them.Coming from a traditional newsroom background (I’m a former BBC radio and television producer) and working as a freelance journalist I am used to dealing with all sorts of news stories and have legal knowledge and years of journalistic experience to deal with this.

  • Personal workbots could, some day, be like cars or cell phones, ubiquitous tools that almost everyone could afford, but they could also be like factories, affording new wealth for the owners, while others are stuck with shovels and seeds

  • the secondary result of is that we’ve connected tens of thousands of Londoners with their local newspaper Web site. Digital audiences to our London-based newspaper companion Web sites have grown by an average of 65% since the introduction of

  • "Your only hope of ensuring distribution is ensuring that consumers are motivated enough to do it for you."

  • Looking at specific types of mobile news consumption, six in 10 large city and suburban residents use mobile devices to find a local restaurant, compared with half or fewer residents of small cities/towns or rural areas.  Those living in the suburbs are most likely to use mobile devices to get coupons or discounts for local stores, while large city residents are most likely to use their mobile devices to get information on local traffic or transportation.
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