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about 14 hours ago

"This citizen reporting experiment builds on the work of skyCAM, which for the past year has been experimenting with drones in Kenya as part of “Africa’s first newsroom-based eye in the sky”. skyCAM uses drones and camera-equipped balloons to help media that cannot afford news helicopters to cover breaking news in dangerous situations or difficult-to-reach locations"

Feb 18, 15

"The online survey polled more than 250 freelancers around the world, the vast majority of them identifying as former newsroom staffers. It’s an unscientific study, one whose results may suffer from self-selection bias. But the relatively small sample size suggests that potentially more stories are falling through the cracks. A smaller, parallel survey of staff editors confirmed many of the institutional challenges of publishing freelance investigations, including dwindling budgets and an editorial push toward bite-sized content tailored for the social Web."

Feb 12, 15

Surprised that Contributoria doesn't get a mention anywhere here but.....some of the planning elements detailed are worth a look whatever crowdfunding platform you decide to use, changing the timeframes as appropriate.

Feb 03, 15

"Projects like Guardian Witness are the kinds of things that all media companies should be doing more of, Pilhofer said, because reader engagement is “a huge resource we are largely ignoring” as an industry. That’s the bottom line: not so much whether a newspaper or news site has comments or not, but whether it is trying to reach out to its readers in any real way and make them part of its journalism. Or do they just see the audience as a giant click factory?"

Feb 03, 15

"thematic stories and engagement opportunities that tackle big issues in sticky ways.


Jan 21, 15

"Ratter will not be the place for reports on local council proceedings, recipes of the week, or prep football highlights. The directive he gives his local editors is simple: “The specific goal I told them was to alienate the local readership as much as possible,” Daulerio said. “Their version of L.A., or San Francisco, and hopefully New York, is supposed to be one that is inclusive with a national audience, and completely ignore the people that live there.”"

Jan 13, 15

"Trainee journalists worldwide face low wages, unreasonably stretched job descriptions and self-censorship pressures, while tutors at local journalism schools are forced to double as campaigners for press rights. Early-career journalists and journalism professors in Macedonia, Burma and Turkey talk about what it’s like to break into the industry in their country.


Dec 18, 14

" There’s also been experimentation in financing grassroots news pursuits and individual reporter-derived news projects. Here are the more interesting and popular journalism funding models that were at play during 2014:"

Nov 12, 14

"The clearest indication of this is the Things team. This is a four-person group in Quartz’s 36-person newsroom, headed by Zach Seward, one of Quartz’s original employees. Its members, which include David Yanofsky and Nikhil Sonnad, are called reporters, but the title doesn’t tell the whole story. Delaney likes the term polymaths; they all have some combination of journalism, coding or data-visualization experience, often self-taught.


Oct 17, 14

"A person who never leaves the office, or never uses a telephone, or never asks a question on Twitter is not reporting. You can only get so much news from your own mind. If you're doing that, you're a source, not a reporter. "

Aug 11, 14

"today, we’re announcing that Storyful has provided us with a $60,000 grant to continue the research and to investigate whether there is an appetite for an ongoing resource centre around this type of content.

And before we go any further, let’s address the terrible phrase UGC – user-generated content. We used it in our research, but because the phrase is used to describe everything from an breaking news image captured by a bystander, to a comment underneath a newspaper article, to a tweet, a mashup, or an animation by an twelve year old posted to YouTube, we were very clear about our particular definition of UGC — photos or videos filmed by people unrelated to the newsroom. And we never liked it.

So from now on we’re using the phrase eyewitness media."

Aug 10, 14

"While its full-time reporters will cover breaking news, Beentjes said Dichtbij relies most heavily on user-generated content on some of its section pages, like business or automotive. But Beentjes said he sees opportunities for growth in the various theme pages. They could be a place to feature content from other TMG properties, or even produce further branded content as Dichtbij could work with specific industries to produce relevant content."

  • Today the trend has reversed towards newsroom disintegration: specific teams for specific platforms. You don't use your tablet the same way as your computer and it requires specific attention from publishers. The newsroom will become a 'control room' with less people at desks and more journalists in the field. The notion of the 'collective intelligence' of journalists working in the same room will disappear.

  •  the BBC is the single biggest payer of MPs for journalism work according to the register, a total of £20,677 in the first six months of this year..
Jun 17, 14

Amazing piece of immersive storytelling. Stunning photography and thoughtful audio navigated via images. Wonderful

Jun 16, 14

"This is something I hear from every single newspaper that I talk with. They are saying the same thing, which is that their journalistic work is top of the line and amazing. The problem is 'only' with the secondary thing of how it is presented to the reader.

And we have been hearing this for the past five to ten years, and yet the problem still remains. There is a complete and total blind spot in the newspaper industry that, just maybe, part of the problem is also the journalism itself.


Jun 16, 14

"A Voxsplainer, for the uninitiated, is an explainer in the style of, the new site launched by Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias & co. that aims to help readers “understand the news.” Vox’s techniques and its sensibility have their admirers and their detractors. But one of Vox’s goals—offering comprehensive, engaging online summaries of issues in the news so that curious people who don’t know the backstory and aren’t experts can figure out what the heck is happening and why"

Apr 23, 14

"I have asked a "PR colleague" to blog a response to this sharing his experiences of journalists and our many failings. I won't only be sharing PR horror stories - I am lucky to deal with a handful of very capable PR folks, and will share some of their secrets. I asked for input from both journos and PR people, and those who've done both jobs, using the hashtags #prstories and #journostories and am very grateful to my colleagues across the spectrum for their suggestions.

Despite the disclaimer, I want to place it on record that PR people contribute at least five points daily on my stress-o-meter out of 10 every day. Many are sloppy, inept, disorganised, pushy in all the wrong ways and vastly unprofessional.

So here you are: some ideas for PRs who want to do their jobs well, from a news editor and with input from other journalists

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