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Feb 24, 16

"The bot can be thought of as more than an assistant: it can be a kind of civic prosthetic, a tool that augments our ability to sense other people and systems. Bots won’t replace journalists, but they can help supercharge them by automating tasks that would otherwise have to take place manually."

Feb 02, 16

"bringing together the audience-insight and customer-data teams together, centralizing them in order to drive more relevance in advertising and in editorial, and so turn readers into paying subscribers.


Nov 16, 15

"If the UK is looking for examples of initiatives and organisations doing this work around the world, there are plenty. The 2016 summit offers a chance to highlight some of the many approaches taken by organisations like The Constitute Project or African Legal Information Institutes when it comes to publishing legislation or BudgIT’s efforts in Nigeria to make budget data accessible and understandable."

Jan 21, 15

"This site is administered by Digital Birmingham on behalf of Birmingham City Council. Open Data is as much part of the economic agenda as it is of being transparent about an organisations business.

We believe that Open Data can generate many benefits such as: - Giving you direct access to data to build your own opinion - Allows datasets to be combined to create new insights - Enables sharing of data - Allows application developers to use real data"

Jan 17, 15

And so we often grapple with the problems such a perspective creates for us and our readers—and from a distance, it’s easy to forget the dots are people. If I lose sight of that while I am making the map, how can I expect my readers to see it in the final product?

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