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Aug 20, 16

"Typically, nonprofits like us run big pledge drives that seek, frankly, to scare you into giving—"donate right now, or this VERY BAD THING will happen!" It's not an approach that respects your intelligence, it makes for a bad user experience (lots of emails and online ads), and it doesn't really match up with the work you want us to do."

Aug 19, 16

" Paywalls, apps, and subscriptions are all part of the closing of the net and the erection of those garden walls around fertile content. The worry is that the best journalism and the enhanced news service I am talking about are only available to those who can pay. There is also the worry that it helps underpin the drift towards filter bubbles of self-referential communities."

Aug 18, 16

"Apart from Huffington Post who has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride, everyone else has seen a decline in engagement. So it's not just reach that is in decline, it's also the number of times people like, comment and share each post."

Aug 18, 16

"Where are the watchdogs?

It could be that this migration to distributed content represents the final step in the evolution of news media from leaders of public discourse to a role of mere syndicators of content to giant internet platforms.

With traditional media weakened, which institutions will act as a counterweight to existing political and business interests? Which media will act as watchdogs for the public interest?


Apr 18, 16

"Why? It’s not primarily that customers are demanding more video. It’s that video ad rates continue to hold up far better than for ads placed alongside all those tiresome words. If the advertisers demand more video inventory, then the content side must produce more video.

Certainly, this age of almost-convergence is a wonderful one for consumers. We get to have our useful video packaged with our useful stories, and toggle back and forth. But in the world being born, video content trumps text, and more mere scribes, of all ages and of all digital skill levels, are finding themselves unwanted. The ad tail is wagging the new digital news dog, at a quickening pace."

Apr 18, 16

"Twitter generates 1.5 percent of traffic for typical news organizations,"

Apr 12, 16

"Companies with the organism mindset are too slow to adapt to survive in the modern world. The world around them changes, recombines, evolves, and they are stuck with their same old DNA, their same old problems, their same old (failed) attempts at solutions.

Ecosystems, by contrast, are boundless, constantly able to grow, absorb new entities, adapt, react, and transform. "

Mar 30, 16

"The Digital News Initiative is happy to have offered funding to projects pursuing innovative approaches to journalism by the following organisations and individuals. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and additional subjects will be added as additional organisations approve inclusion."

Mar 07, 16

"One is to push even more of your journalism straight to an app like Facebook and its Instant Articles where ad blocking is not impossible but harder than at the browser level. As one publisher put it to me, “We look at the amount we might make from mobile and we suspect that even if we gave everything straight to Facebook, we would still be better off.” The risks, though, in being reliant on the revenue and traffic from one distributor, are very high.

The second option is to build other businesses and revenues away from distributed platforms. Accept that seeking a vast audience through other platforms is not only not helping you but actively damaging your journalism, so move to a measurement of audience engagement rather than scale."

Mar 07, 16

"When Instant Articles opens up in April, publishers that use standard WordPress templates can activate the plugin out-of-the-box to create Instant Articles. Publishers that want a more customized production experience can extend the plugin to support additional elements. We encourage all interested publishers on WordPress to review the plugin’s documentation and FAQs.

The plugin is open source, and we encourage the community to participate in its development to help publishers of all types take full advantage of the fast, native experience of Instant Articles."

Mar 01, 16

""Very small organisations that publish once or twice quarterly don't need to have Chartbeat on their site," Nagle said, "because that tool is for analysing traffic patterns and behaviour on a site in real time, so it's not going to help you make any editorial decisions necessarily if you're just publishing only every so often.""

Mar 01, 16

"Geo-located news gathering

Remember that Instagram is not just about audience engagement and brand awareness, it is also a fantastic place for news gathering and discovering user generated content. Emma Meese, Manager at the Centre for Community Journalism, recommends iOS app Pixifly and website Gramfeed for finding geo-located Instagram posts. She says: “Pixify works with the Google Places API so you can search anywhere in the world via address or key name. You can search the current time or go back to search for potential eyewitnesses from a particular date and time and the search zone ranges from 100 feet to 3 miles away. If you want to send those images to yourself or another team member via email you can share up to four photos via the upload button in the top right corner, which could be useful if you’re covering a breaking news story. Gramfeed allows you to search by location, user and place name, and you can search between specific dates and times, which is also a great tool for finding eyewitnesses to big events or stories.”


Feb 29, 16

"The reverse option – enabling news consumers to steer the direction of journalistic investigations – seems more plausible and the various non-profit enterprises I’ve mentioned are among those offering examples of ways this might work."

Feb 29, 16

" The back and forth feels natural and engaging, I found myself wanting to keep reading to find out what was next. All the updates are written by humans, the interactions are designed by people, and it feels that way.

Feb 24, 16

"The bot can be thought of as more than an assistant: it can be a kind of civic prosthetic, a tool that augments our ability to sense other people and systems. Bots won’t replace journalists, but they can help supercharge them by automating tasks that would otherwise have to take place manually."

Feb 13, 16

"He’d arrived in the city of Newcastle on a fellowship funded by a local arts council and gas board. According to the terms of the fellowship, he spent two years photographing the construction of a gas pipeline, and in doing so found he’d become attached to the area."

Feb 13, 16

"Many foundations, when funding journalism projects, look to support projects that can be scaled and replicated elsewhere. The report cautions that this approach can overlook smaller local organizations. "

Feb 12, 16

"Christensen's team comprises two people who focus on Facebook, an Instagram expert, three social strategists for Twitter, Tumblr and Vine, and a person who overseas emerging apps, such as Line, Weibo, Tango and Viber."

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