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Jun 21, 15

"From Boston to Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston, one thing has become crystal clear: To get real reporting—and to get it fast—you've got to switch off cable and go local. It's here you'll find the scoops, the sense of place, the authentic compassion; it's here you can avoid the predictable blather from a candidate, or pundit, or hack filling airtime. It's here you'll find out what's really happening to a particular group of Americans who have just been shoved into a tragic spotlight. Turn off the TV and Google the local paper on your phone. Find their Twitter feed. Follow their journalists."

Jun 18, 15

"The BBC’s decision to promote external content fairly is one way of doing this. Another could be to adjust the UK’s inflexible charitable law regime. Charitable status brings with it obligations and restrictions that are not suitable for every type of media organisation. But such changes would have significant benefits for outlets that are geared towards producing content in the public interest, or tailored for local geographic or special interest communities.
Benefits would include tax relief (such as gift aid) and eligibility for certain kinds of philanthropic funding. This would be especially helpful for producers of democratically important content (such as investigative journalism), which is not easy to sell to advertisers or consumers. It would also offer some protection against the pressures of commercial advertising on journalistic content."

Jun 02, 15

"Verifeye Media is a technology driven visual news agency, representing freelance journalists and accidental eyewitnesses. We have automated the verification, curation, distribution, licensing, and monetization of eyewitness media, in real time. We can deliver unique verified content from the centre of a breaking story, as it is still breaking."

May 31, 15

Delighted to see this feature in Time magazine! Engin was one of the participants in the MADE workshops we held in Istanbul a few years ago and his work with 140Journos is well worth wider attention.

Sure it will go from strength to strength. Congratulations!

May 15, 15

"f you are currently involved in a community news service outside of the United Kingdom, we would like you to be a part of our ongoing research into the field by completing a short survey on your activities. To complete the survey, which takes about 15 minutes, please click here.

The survey aims to collect information about what you do as a community news producer, and we will share the results and findings over time via the Centre for Community Journalism website. Thanks in advance for taking part!"

May 15, 15

Striking way to present some longform journalism.

May 15, 15

"So now we want to ask people who use the service what features they would like to see and for some advice.

If we could do one thing with what would it be?


May 13, 15

"Instant articles will be available from nine publishers starting at 10 a.m. ET: the Times, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, National Geographic, NBC News, The Guardian, BBC News, and Germany’s Bild and Der Spiegel. For now, you’ll only be able to see them on the iOS version of Facebook’s app; an Android version is forthcoming. Many instant articles won’t look much different from the links you’re already seeing as you scroll through your feed. But Facebook has created tools to help them stand out, including video "covers" that autoplay as you scroll."

May 10, 15

"Suppose we were to aggregate all those newspaper videos into a daily news feed - license it to networks around the world - and then split the license feeds amongst the newspapers that contributed? A kind of video syndication.


May 09, 15

"Selling a purpose, not a chat tool
The ‘We Don’t Sell Saddles Here’ article from Stewart hits the nail on the head. I read that article every month. It’s 100% true but incredibly hard to achieve. Slack didn’t come in and compare itself to HipChat, it just said that this was the new way to work as a team. The messaging around Slack has been amazing. You most definitely need to have the product to back it up too and Slack has that."

May 05, 15

"“It has been a really valuable resource,” Wilton says, “allowing me to dig deeper in my research and spend more time on the craft of writing. I hope to be using Contributoria for a long time to come, although I would like to see a stronger community develop, facilitated by improved functionality of the site. It is an innovative approach to journalism that is particularly helpful for those new to writing."

Despite its shortcomings and regardless of whether it’s a solution for the long-haul, it can be a very useful resource for journalists, especially freelancers who are reporting from outside their home countries and incurring extra costs. It may be particularly good for journalists who don’t intend to use it monthly or those who propose projects with less onerous reporting requirements and lower fees, and it’s an untapped resource for freelancers who live in non-English-speaking countries and produce work in other languages.


May 04, 15

"In earthquake-ravaged Nepal, the BBC is using messaging app Viber to share information and safety tips

In the aftermath of last week’s earthquake that devastated Nepal, BBC News is today launching an account on the messaging app Viber to publish news, information and tips for staying safe as the country continues to recover. (Nieman Lab, 4/30)


Apr 28, 15

"You probably skipped right over the most important word used by the five sources above. It’s everyone’s favorite word, and one you should add to any Twitter search that’s seeking personal experiences:

(And its close cousin “my.”)"

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