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Feb 13, 16

"He’d arrived in the city of Newcastle on a fellowship funded by a local arts council and gas board. According to the terms of the fellowship, he spent two years photographing the construction of a gas pipeline, and in doing so found he’d become attached to the area."

Feb 13, 16

"Many foundations, when funding journalism projects, look to support projects that can be scaled and replicated elsewhere. The report cautions that this approach can overlook smaller local organizations. "

Feb 12, 16

"Christensen's team comprises two people who focus on Facebook, an Instagram expert, three social strategists for Twitter, Tumblr and Vine, and a person who overseas emerging apps, such as Line, Weibo, Tango and Viber."

Feb 06, 16

"Cross posting: use canonical links

It’s not uncommon to post a copy of your work on your personal blog, or for someone to ask if they can republish on their site something you have written on yours.

In these cases, however, Google (or Bing) can actually penalise one of those sites for hosting duplicate content.

After all, how does it know that the content hasn’t been ripped off?

Well, you can tell it with this bit of HTML:


Feb 02, 16

"bringing together the audience-insight and customer-data teams together, centralizing them in order to drive more relevance in advertising and in editorial, and so turn readers into paying subscribers.


Jan 22, 16

"Could our aspirations of the Northern Powerhouse and the built environment not extend to reducing social inequality too? And if so, are we ready to consider ideas about shared ownership of land and utilities so that no-one goes without basic levels of shelter or comfort."

Jan 02, 16

"Every year we start with a fresh and very personal selection of tools and resources that offer a glimpse of the future of journalism. Mobile, virtual, highly visual, allowing to share and verify news in new ways, putting the audience first"

Nov 24, 15

"Some critics who prefer the magazine approach will argue that it is better, since it results in higher-quality output, and that the risk with an approach like Medium’s is that it turns into something like Forbes — a site where the quality of the contributed content is so low that it arguably damages the brand.

For my part, I agree with Williams that while the Medium approach has its flaws, the potential for discovering new voices amid the flotsam and jetsam makes it worth it in the long run. Whether the site will be successful in reinventing how the writers of that content get compensated is a much bigger question, but at least it is trying.


Nov 16, 15

"If the UK is looking for examples of initiatives and organisations doing this work around the world, there are plenty. The 2016 summit offers a chance to highlight some of the many approaches taken by organisations like The Constitute Project or African Legal Information Institutes when it comes to publishing legislation or BudgIT’s efforts in Nigeria to make budget data accessible and understandable."

Oct 28, 15

"From that perspective, features like Facebook’s Instant Articles and Twitter’s Moments are just the continuation of an ongoing process of devaluing the hyperlink— a process that values the stream over the URL, the in-app experience over the click. Another step in the transformation of the web into something more like television. Is that bad? I honestly don’t know. But there’s no question it’s happening."

  • See the trend: create one piece of content and then post it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr a blog, and on and on. If you won’t come to my content, dammit, my content will come to you!
Oct 15, 15

"Abuse is just as central to tech that connects people as selling beef that isn’t contaminated with salmonella is to an industry that feeds people. For the simple fact is that no one wants to spend their life being shouted at by people they’ll never meet who are angry not at them but at the world for things they barely even said to people they barely even know. "

Oct 05, 15

"Since then, we’ve done several projects showcasing how reporters can use UAVs, including covering a political rally and developing a 3D interactive model of a huge trash dump in Nairobi. The project’s success can largely be attributed to its small, dedicated team and our successful access to funding. But it was also essential we had the creative freedom to make the case for using UAVs in a journalism context.

Based on this experience with African skyCAM and other media innovation projects, like the development of a citizen journalism app at the Kenyan newspaper The Star, I’ve put together a list of some key issues that can help make innovation work."

Sep 29, 15

"Get the one-sheet photo verification guide here, the one-sheet video verification guide here, and the double-sided booklet guide here (following these steps to fold it up for use). You can also check these Medium posts to see the photo guide and video guide in full."

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