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08 Apr 14

"As of today, we have left Flickr (including The Commons).  We’ve seen a steady decline in the engagement level at Flickr and it was clear it was time to leave the platform, though we still love it."

28 Mar 14

"Winners of inaugural GuardianWitness Awards announced
28,000 people from all continents, including Antarctica, have sent in over 60,000 photos, videos and stories since April 2013"

21 Mar 14

"We are joined by Martin Bryant who is Editor in Chief at technology news publication The Next Web, which closely tracks the latest developments online, from giants like Google and Facebook to the latest emerging startups. He's seen the future, and it's now. Will he scare the living daylights out of us, or give us some solace that we are in the grip of robot hype and the reality of Robots being our overlords is some time off yet?

  • Therapy manufacturing centre, which is to work on large-scale manufacturing of cell therapies for late-stage clinical trials.
14 Mar 14

"f you make quality the mark of your journalism, then that journalism will find a market. Too much has been lost underestimating the intelligence of the reader"

13 Mar 14

"Social journalism is a direct response to a revolution in the means of production. Not so long ago, you needed a printing press or satellite dish to ‘make’ news. Today, all you need is a smart phone and a social network. In an age where everyone is telling a story, social journalists help us find the people worth listening to and rescue their stories from an ocean of noise."

20 Feb 14

"Once you got to the point where social networks started to act quite a bit like publishers then everyone kind of realised that the end user started to view media through a different lens, with an expectation that some of the process be exposed. The user isn't there just to sit back and take everything in, they also can be part of the story.

The further you push that model the more you realise you need to expose your internal processes and show people what it is you're making, how you're making it, and how they can get involved with some of the small and big decisions."

19 Feb 14

"The suggestion raised a few eyebrows; after all, encouraging people to quiz politicians and say exactly what they think of Dudley council online and without an agenda isn't very in keeping with how local authorities usually operate.

But thousands of people share ideas and opinions on the Dudley borough Facebook page. It's one of a number of social media platforms we're very established on, and there's about 2,500 likes on the page, with numbers steadily increasing. The council's communications team regularly shares news, information and consultations and people are keen to get involved. It seemed an obvious step to take the conversations that are happening at our regular community forums to Facebook."

10 Feb 14

"We believe the prime value of journalism is that it imposes transparency, and thus accountability, on those who wield the greatest governmental and corporate power. Our journalists will be not only permitted, but encouraged, to pursue stories without regard to whom they might alienate."

10 Feb 14

"But this isn’t as successful as everyone thinks. In fact, BuzzFeed has an entire team dedicated to buying ads to get users to see those sponsored posts. Even Wired UK fleetingly mentions this in an otherwise uncritical cover story: “The company boosts such traffic by buying ads elsewhere to promote sponsor stories.”"

07 Feb 14

"Will you join is to celebrating everything that is culture on Teesside during a month of events and activities in March? We hope so and have an invitation for you – come along on Saturday 22 February to Mima in Middlesbrough.

We’ll plot and we’ll plan and help get this thing started for the following month.

We’ll be working in partnership with The CultureVulture again and the session will be about those three Cs – creating, curating and content."

05 Feb 14

"Facebook for arts venues and organisations – live chat
Join us from noon on Tuesday 11 February to talk Facebook for the arts – the last in our series of social media surgeries"

04 Feb 14

"Up to a few videos are published each day, making use of the short-video feature launched by the platform last year. The Instafax videos range from 'headline packages' – sharing a few clips of video for the big news stories that day, with text detailing the stories featured – to the entire 15-seconds being dedicated to a particular news story or more light-hearted feature. Examples of those can be found below.

31 Jan 14

"Earlier this week I took part in a panel event at City University in London. The discussion was around new ways of doing journalism chaired by Professor George Brock.

The other panelists were ex-Observer editor Andrew Jaspan, founder and CEO of The Conversation, a site publishing news and commentary by academic experts; Luke Lewis, editor of the UK edition of and
 Anette Novak, ex-editor and CEO of Sweden’s Interactive Institute, which experiments with interaction design and data visualisation. The following is the talk I gave in the introduction for the event which finished with this video."

24 Jan 14

"The course is led by professor Richard Sambrook who explains more in the official press release and on the video below.

He says: “Over five weeks, the course will build on that expertise and experience to offer insight and practical skills for all those interested in community and hyper local journalism. The course combines practical skills in setting up a community website, identifying and building an audience, creating content, establishing a workflow to sustain a site, managing an online community, media law and ethics, with a broader understanding of this new sector, how it has developed and the experience of those operating community sites.”"

16 Jan 14

"'d like you to meet delve - it's a web video channel I'm building for people who want to take their learning seriously. It's not a course, or a qualification, and it's not for people who want to study something particular. It's for people who love learning for the sake of learning, who want to feed their mind the most beautiful and unexpected feasts. Right now I'm testing it out on Tumblr and Medium."

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