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Apr 17, 15

"By Mark O'Brien for Contributoria

An interview with an activist who spent 16 years in a radical left-wing organisation that he now views as a political cult"

Apr 17, 15

"All members of the Investigative News Network (INN), the campaigns appear together on INN’s Spotlight page, a first for Beacon Reader, according to company cofounder Dan Fletcher.

Like Kickstarter’s curated pages, Beacon’s Spotlight pages will give organizations and advocacy groups the ability to showcase campaigns by members of their organization or projects they support."

Apr 09, 15

"The reporting conducted by nonprofit news ventures has triggered meaningful actions and outcomes, though the manner in which most organizations discuss their impact is limited to simple Web metrics and occasional anecdotes. Nonprofits leading the way when it comes to capturing and communicating impact identify clear reporting objectives and ways they will measure those objectives from the outset."

Mar 31, 15

"And now to you, journalists and editors – you didn’t think you were going to escape did you?
Please can you raise your game?

Politicians and business leaders are getting away with all this because you’re not asking the tricky questions.

No more about the price of milk – what about the price of broadband? I’ve hardly mentioned infrastructure but its vital – average speeds in the uk are too slow – the internet report of 2014 ranked us 13th globally behind the Czech republic, the US, Japan and the Netherlands.


Mar 04, 15

"The sad truth, we discovered, is that respondents are reaching into their own pockets to do this work: nearly one-third (30%) reported putting up more than $5,000 a year, and some much more. Cumulatively in the past five years, respondents have spent a minimum of almost half a million dollars, and as much as nearly $1 million, to finance their public-interest reporting. "

Mar 03, 15

"if visual socially-shareable content drives hits… if analytics shape our decisions, then how does the local council budget report compete for and hold attention?"

Mar 03, 15

"NGOs, media outlets and commercial companies can now set briefs for independent journalists using the collaborative publishing platform


Mar 02, 15

"The past month has also been a hive of activity for the Contributoria team. Under the bonnet there’s some big changes which open up new funding pathways for our writers - read about those in detail here. There’s also some smaller changes which you might have missed including a system of notifications to help writers keep track on the progress and comments on their articles as well as giving writer’s profiles more prominence by including them onto the proposal and articles directly."

Feb 26, 15

"This citizen reporting experiment builds on the work of skyCAM, which for the past year has been experimenting with drones in Kenya as part of “Africa’s first newsroom-based eye in the sky”. skyCAM uses drones and camera-equipped balloons to help media that cannot afford news helicopters to cover breaking news in dangerous situations or difficult-to-reach locations"

  • d animation to PR, publishing, video and media sales.


    In association with our joint headline partners, dock10 and Click Consult, there are a total of 23 categories this year.


    The event itself brings together the most significant and influential gathering of media and creative folk in the North, this year. Taking place on Thursday 30th April, 2015 at The Point, at Lancashire County Cricket Club, last year more than 700 people attended. A review of the night can be found here.


    dock10Full details about the event, tickets and how to enter can be found on our dedicated Prolific North Awards website.

Feb 18, 15

"The online survey polled more than 250 freelancers around the world, the vast majority of them identifying as former newsroom staffers. It’s an unscientific study, one whose results may suffer from self-selection bias. But the relatively small sample size suggests that potentially more stories are falling through the cracks. A smaller, parallel survey of staff editors confirmed many of the institutional challenges of publishing freelance investigations, including dwindling budgets and an editorial push toward bite-sized content tailored for the social Web."

Feb 12, 15

Surprised that Contributoria doesn't get a mention anywhere here but.....some of the planning elements detailed are worth a look whatever crowdfunding platform you decide to use, changing the timeframes as appropriate.

Feb 03, 15

"Projects like Guardian Witness are the kinds of things that all media companies should be doing more of, Pilhofer said, because reader engagement is “a huge resource we are largely ignoring” as an industry. That’s the bottom line: not so much whether a newspaper or news site has comments or not, but whether it is trying to reach out to its readers in any real way and make them part of its journalism. Or do they just see the audience as a giant click factory?"

Feb 03, 15

"thematic stories and engagement opportunities that tackle big issues in sticky ways.


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