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Sharon Ellner

Sharon Ellner's Public Library

27 Feb 14

Tons of resources for understanding copyright and finding images, videos and music to use.

26 Feb 14

Video showing the potential of video glass in schools.

11 Feb 14

A very short presentation that focuses on effective imagery for storytelling.

31 Jan 14

iPad app that works with Bookshare downloads

31 Jan 14

Blog post with ipad finder.

30 Jan 14

Archived webinar and specific links to classroom examples of using social media in education.

07 Jan 14

Kindergarten teacher blogs about how she uses technology in her Kindergarten classroom. Great ideas for CCSS with digital writing.

07 Jan 14

Tons of digital tools for collaborative texts, web-based authoring etc.

02 Jan 14

Organized list of content discovery tools by news, business content, education, etc.

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