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  • Cecily Raynor, PhD. Professor of Latin American and Brazilian literatures at McGill University.

  • O governo suspendeu as bolsas do CNPq e do Ciência sem Fronteiras no exterior. A medida é péssima para a educação brasileira. Milhares de jovens, que estudariam nos EUA e na Europa, voltariam para o Brasil mais be

  • té certo ponto, houve independência mas não descolonização das mentes.
  • Um padrão comum é um português ou brasileiro branco a chefiar uma equipa de negros.
  • A angolana nunca será chefe

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  • Although these salvages are found to be without religion, law, and king (as Sir

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      Using the CRAAP Test


      Evaluating Information on the Internet


       Evaluating anything you read, print or web based, involves questioning. Is it good information? Or is it CRAAP? 




       The timeliness of the information. Are there dates on the page to indicate: 

      •   when it was  written?
      •   when it was  first placed on the Web?
      •   when it was  last revised?
      •   Is it the most  recent revision or version of the document?
      •   Are all the  links on the site current and working, i.e. are there outdated or "dead" links?
      •   Are there any  other indications that the material is kept current?




       The i

Feb 19, 12

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