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Richard Webb

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Apr 20, 16


  • It is very important that the substrate is completely free of food waste. Debris will accumulate if jellyfish are fed too much and can negatively effect water quality.
  • If the water level is not 1/4' above the top of the bubble channel plate, the jellyfish will constantly swim and eventually rest on the bottom of the tank.

  • Add the $scope.$digest(); statement to the beforeEach block containing the controller declaration at the end. By adding $scope.$digest in beforeEach, we make sure the digest cycle is invoked after WorkoutController is created and before the test starts.
  • If you are working with asynchronous code, remember to call $scope.$digest or $scope.$apply() before any expect statement.

  • The pipeline provides efficient data aggregation using native operations within MongoDB, and is the preferred method for data aggregation in MongoDB.
  • The aggregation pipeline can use indexes to improve its performance during some of its stages. In addition, the aggregation pipeline has an internal optimization phase. See
  • in general, map-reduce is less efficient and more complex than the aggregation pipeline.

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