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Jan 30, 13

ThinkUp is a free, open source web application that captures all your activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare. A great way to learn about ThinkUp is to see it in action. 

  • “It is extremely difficult to get consumers to change and leave their banks,”
Dec 19, 12

A nice infography describing deal/promotion redemption process

  • "rapid experimentation" and "validated learning" as abstract concept
  • One-week iteration
  • Genchi gembutsu

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  • Excel is not the most engaging innovation tool, is it
  • visual brainstorm method for this kind of challenges! Perfect for individual and team brainstorms about new business ideas

  • Leadership often involves making decisions in the face of insufficient information. This is especially true when it comes to enabling the pursuit of innovation. Doing nothing until the situation clarifies itself is in itself a decision. But, by the time the situation is clear the real opportunity has passed. As Will Rodgers once said “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

  • Find the “Job to be Done”
  • When people go to the store to buy a power drill, they are not going because they really need a drill; they really need a hole in the wall.  The hole is the “job to be done,” to use Clayton Christensen’s term.  A “job to be done” is a fundamental task that a consumer needs to complete.  We “hire” technology to complete many of the tasks in our daily lives
  • You Know What Happens When You Assume…


    But You Probably Don’t Know What You Are Assuming

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  • 'The Google Creative Lab is a small team that strives to re-think marketing across every kind of media — currently existing or not, with Google as its sole client.'
  • The mandate is simply, to simplify — take complex ideas and melt them down to their simplest form, and then work with creatives to execute compelling communications. Its structure is fluid, if something needs a creative magic wand, the Creative Lab waves it.

  • The global programme Ignitor's raison d'être is to create a structured system, with ample creative freedom, that harnesses expertise across functions and beyond boundaries, to look at the consumer landscape from multiple lenses in the innovation process
  • the wave of innovation labs sweeping across companies has sent packing traditional-style R&D systems where scientists and engineers came from Mars and marketers from Venus. Today, they work on the same planet, or at least in the same solar-system
  • innovation today involves cloud computing and an open source culture as practiced by P&G through its Connect+Develop programme.
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