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Rob Rankin

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Feb 14, 15

"In regards to modules, there are fewer modules for Drupal. There is one very major reason for this. The use of entities, views, ctools and context/panels eliminates the need for so many modules that you find in wordpress. Say you need a 2 different slideshows, a classifieds section, a reviews section, and a directory. In WordPress you would potentially download 4 modules for this all which would have their own label on the admin bar and trying to administer the slideshow could mean seeing a “donate to our cause” button every time you view it.

In drupal, you could create a slide content type, a review content type, a classified content type, and a directory content type. Then views would organize the content and the ways they are displayed, be it a slideshow or what. Then the user simply hits, add new slide or add new review. There is no differentiation between the items unless you as the admin want to create a hierarchy. No advertisements. You are always certain they will work together without conflict. You just have so many ways to use fewer modules and all modules look like they are a core part of drupal, not just added on.

Second, the admin. A good developer/front end developer will always spend some time on the administration area, setting up a workbench or view for those who will be maintaining the site using granular permissions so only the items they need will be available. Yes, the main admin account can be intimidating, but this isn’t ever meant to go to the client. I always set up a menu to easily add content, to see the most recent content posted. I create a block with comments or content that need approval. If there are slideshows, I create a view with thumbnails of the image and drag and drop weight and an edit button so that they can re-arrange or change out images easily. There are so many things you can do to make the admin area an absolute breeze.

Where WordPress still soars is with media. Posting videos to wordpress is a dream. Images are handled better (although I have as much trouble trying to explain how to resize/optimize for wordpress as I do for drupal)."

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