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  • And Jesus answered him, and said, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?
  • He wants to hear from his own lips, not only the general petition for mercy, but the distinct expression of what his desire was. Until he speaks it out, he is not healed.
  • There is now still many a suppliant to whom the Lord puts the same question, and who cannot, until it has been answered, get the aid he ask. Our prayers must not be a vague appeal to His mercy, an indefinite cry for blessing, but the distinct expression of definite need.

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  • People are honest until just a little dishonesty might save them a lot of money or gain for them some great advantage. People know something to be definitely wrong, but for the sake of peace they will cover it. People will do an act against their claim to convictions when asked by someone they admire or fear or from whom they seek a favor.
  • what it means to live an uncompromising life. It is to reach beneath the shifting sands of a culture and fix yourself to the rock that is below it
  • The first thing I see about Daniel is an unashamed boldness.

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  • For almost all non-professional shoplifters, stealing   from stores is basically a reflection of a person's   ability (or inability) to cope with a multitude of situations   in his or her life.
  • For almost all non-professional shoplifters, stealing   from stores is basically a reflection of a person's   ability (or inability) to cope with a multitude of situations   in his or her life.
  • For almost all non-professional shoplifters, stealing   from stores is basically a reflection of a person's   ability (or inability) to cope with a multitude of situations   in his or her life. It's a response to their personal   life situations. While these unhappy life situations   may not easily be changed (or may recur from time to   time) shoplifters must learn how to cope with these   situations in a way that's not harmful to themselves   or others.

  • Inspiro comes from Latin which means to breath in. And it's a little bit misleading. In 2 Timothy 3:16 when it says, "All Scripture is given by," what, "inspiration of God." Or all Scripture is inspired by God. The Latin term inspiration does not properly translate the word theopanustas, "God breathed." Really, it shouldn't be inspired, it should be expired.

    All Scripture is breathed out by God, not breathed in

  • The idea then in the Scripture is that the Bible is the out breath of God. It's not God breathing into man's words. It's not God breathing into man's thoughts. It's God breathing out His words.

  • Salvage Title Cars
  • When a car has been severely damaged (either in an accident, or because of a flood or theft) the insurance company estimates how much it will cost to fix. At some point, the cost of repairs is more than the car is worth. Therefore, the car is often sold to a salvage company and used for parts. To protect future buyers, the car is given a salvage title.
  • extreme caution when considering the purchase of a car with a salvage title.

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  • The Bible was written by God to reveal Himself.
  • God inspired every word of the original manuscripts, and they were without error in every detail.
  • Rationalism

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  • Home Warranty inspection: (also known as a Mechanical Inspection)
  • The mechanical inspection may be purchased with or without a home warranty contract.
    • $170 + Tax
    • $349 + Tax with the 1-year Home Warranty

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  • Unfortunately, only about half of states require any kind of certification or licensing for home inspectors. "For example, in New Mexico, there are no requirements to being a home inspector,"
  • Tip No. 1: Don't trust an inspector simply because he or she has a state license or certification.
  • Tip No. 2: Look for an inspector who is associated with a professional inspection organization.

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  • you cannot use a WWAN card from AT&T if you subscribe to Verizon's WWAN service.
  • Connecting to a WWAN


    If your mobile WWAN operator is not listed on the screen, or if the connection settings for the mobile WWAN operator are different from the settings provided, you can manually create a connection profile to the service provider. Prior to creating the profile, you must contact the service provider to obtain the access point name (APN), username, password, and connection settings.

  • To create a mobile operator WWAN profile, do the following:

  • Customer states LCD is extremely dirty, was caked with dirt, and it came like this from HP, when the last HP tech installed it on the customer's unit. Customer states keyboard light is not functioning properly either. Customer states the keyboard light will turn on on its own when you do anything with the unit.
  • It looks like you called 640am, that is really early here, pacific standard time.
  • 1) The keyboard LCD light on the screen bezel, comes on constantly with tapping on the keyboard, moving of the screen, any movements, sometimes even by itself. The previous repairman replaced the whole top cover/LCD/bezel/wires etc. So it came with defective parts. The LCD was very dirty, ingrained with dirt, I nearly had to scratch off with my fingernail when I got it, which is very poor service. It makes me nervous with my warranty running out, to have such a dirty/used screen.   Is there any way you can get a new LCD/top cover/screen assembly, which would make me feel so much better about HP and the longevity of my machine?   I'm sure the screen bezel, and wire assembly have to be replaced at the very least.  2) I'm a bit worried about the motherboard, that was replaced, because when I unplug cords, ie: HDMI cable, ethernet cable, portable hard drives, printers, I get blue screen error messages and the computer crashes. I never had this problem with the previous motherboard, but supposedly this one was a new one? So it would be nice if you tested this out.  I will be around most of Friday so that might be a good day for a repair, in the afternoon.  I am up early for once so you could try to call me now.

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  • she wants to change the OS from D to C drive
  • getting error message saying add-ons OFF.
  • Eu said she deleted all other partition

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  • we sent her a power cord that does not match the old one. This one is shorter by about 2 feet.

  • violence in many ways seems to be the only way left that people can actually experience pleasure
  • Where are the public spaces for young people other learn a discourse that's not commodified, to be able to think about non-commodifiable values like trust, justice, honesty, integrity, caring for others, compassion.
  • BILL MOYERS: So what is society?

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  • Bankruptcy: Discharged CH-7    Date Filed:3/1/2011

  • The ICA charges an annual $450 fee to be an apostle. However, Native Americans receive a $100 discount. There’s also a couple’s rate of $650, just in case your wife also happens to be an apostle. And you want to stay on top of your dues, because failure to renew your membership on time results in a “deactivated” apostleship—it’s not clear if that includes the deactivation of any spiritual gifts as well. All is not lost, however—a deactivated apostle can be reactivated for an extra $50.

  • Date Days Ago Event New Price
    Sep 6, 2013 75 days ago Price Reduced: $-15,000 (-9.68%) $140,000
    Aug 11, 2013 101 days ago New on market $155,000
    - robertcoss on 2013-11-20

  • The U.S. middle class reached its peak of prosperity at the end of the 1960s. The typical one-income family could afford a house, car, decent healthcare and a college education, and still have enough left to maintain a 10% savings rate.
  • The United States had a gold standard policy from 1789 to 1971.
  • At the end of that 182-year period, the U.S. middle class was the broadest and wealthiest in the history of the United States, and indeed the world.
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