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  • After the scandal broke, the IRS gave groups on hold a fast-track option: immediate approval if they pledged to spend less than 40 percent of their time and resources on political campaigns. But several of the groups dismissed that option on principle, calling it unfair because it was a stricter standard than other 501(c)(4)s had to abide by.
  • Indeed, many conservative groups withdrew their applications in frustration. Others changed their names and could try to start the whole process again. For example, Greenwich Tea Party Patriots of South Jersey, another group that never heard back, is starting a new group, changing its name to Faith and Freedom Coalition of New Jersey.

  • The American Encore robocall doesn't provide a source for its figures on Mesa's school spending. They don't square with figures compiled by the state.

  • When I was a kid, I didn’t have vaccinations. My parents couldn’t afford them. But one of my neighbors, his parents got him vaccinated. Now, we grew up in the same town, went to the same schools, attended the same church, we even served in the military together. We’re practically the same, right? But he’s a liberal democrat. He voted for Obama both times and he has a Hillary Clinton sticker on his pickup truck. He supports welfare and the gays. I’m not saying the vaccinations made him more liberal, but the vaccinations made him more liberal, do you get what I’m saying?

  • If any of the great corporations of the country were to hire adventurers who make market of themselves in this way, to procure the passage of a general law with a view to the promotion of their private interests, the moral sense of every right-minded man would instinctively denounce the employer and employed as steeped in corruption and the employment as infamous.

    If the instances were numerous, open, and tolerated, they would be regarded as measuring the decay of the public morals and the degeneracy of the times.

  • Two years ago, reflecting her expanding role in Mr. Brock’s enterprises, Ms. Bonner moved her company and staff into his headquarters, though she continues to serve other clients. She and Mr. Brock have adjoining offices and even share a summer rental in the Hamptons.
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