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  • In so doing, we miss the bigger and more important story. The real story is not that lobbying or special interests are inherently bad. We have had them as long as we’ve had politics.

    The problem is that one set of interests routinely overpowers the rest. In particular, corporate lobbying has metastasized over the last four decades, and this increasingly over-crowded and hyper-contested lobbying environment benefits the large corporations who have the most resources to participate in the day-to-day workings of Congress. This problem is compounded because Congress increasingly lacks its own capacity to keep up.

  • Organized interests collectively report $3.2 billion a year in lobbying expenditures, and probably equally or greater amounts on non-reported lobbying-related activities. The most active organizations are now hiring upwards of 100 lobbyists to represent them. These statistics alone should tell us that special interests don’t “buy” politicians with campaign contributions. If they did, there’d be no point in spending all that money to hire lobbyists.
  • Even if we take the most benign view of lobbying as merely providing information and legislative support, these data suggest that, on many issues, policymakers hear significantly more often from one side than another. While no single investment leads predictably to any outcome, quantity and quality matter: To hire more and more senior and connected people to be more places to make more and better arguments on your behalf with more detail and build more and more high-impact allies improves one’s chances. How much? It depends. But, on average, it’s not zero.

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  • he's certain he wants to enter the race
  • waiting to make a final decision
  • I'd say 100 percent that I want to run, but this gives you some flexibility. People can always change their mind. But as I sit here right now, 100 percent, I want to run

  • As it is, the IRS faces seemingly insurmountable challenges in implementing the President’s health care overhaul and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act with limited resources.

  • Once approved, groups are required to file yearly tax returns.
  • Rather than examining groups upfront on what they plan to do, we’re going to examine them on what they’re actually doing.

  • “This is a contract worth as much as $10 billion over the long haul, and the last thing D’Isernia wants is to have a senator angry with him,” said a source with direct knowledge of the fundraising efforts.

  • Job Creators Network
  • The Job Creators Network, however, represents a different way of doing business for Berman: He has guided the group's media strategy behind the scenes, while more than three dozen CEOs have publicly signed on to support the organization's mission.
  • But there are key clues linking Berman and his firm to the Job Creators Network. The network's media contact, Ted Peterson, notes on his LinkedIn page that he is employed as a digital-media strategist at Berman and Company. Berman and Company's in-house web developer, Chris Herbert, included the web site of the Job Creators Network's latest campaign, a project called Defend Main Street, in his online portfolio as an example of his work. An executive associated with the Job Creators Network confirmed Berman's longtime involvement with the group.

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  • The group will make the content available publicly online. That would allow the nonprofit to share information with Bush’s campaign and super PAC without running afoul of tax rules, which restrict its political activity.
  • comply with all applicable IRS regulations

  • To honor this esteemed guest and give his audience the possibility to fully enjoy the famous rapper’s music, the use of marijuana, in small quantities, will be legal    during Snoop Dogg’s visit to Tbilisi
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