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May 22, 12

Popcorn makes video work like the web. We create tools and programs to help developers and authors create interactive pages that supplement video and audio with rich web content, allowing your creations to live and grow online.

Mar 20, 12

Hackasaurus makes it easy to mash up and change any web page like magic. You can also create your own webpages to share with your friends, all within your browser.

Nov 03, 11

Surf the Web Together with Online Friends
Beyond link sharing or screen sharing, Channel lets you navigate through the same website with one or more friends.

Apr 27, 10

"LabPixies is a leading publisher of web and mobile applications. Add cool and useful gadget applications to your home page, mobile phone or public profile. Simply click the 'add to' button of your favorite application for a whole new online experience!"

Mar 27, 08

Interesting visual creator for the connectedness of a web site. Visualize your PLN

May 26, 09

Welcome to Amberjack's intro tour

Amberjack is an Open Source library you can use to create tours that guide your site's visitors.

The basic idea is to explain existing pages of your site through a text (like this). The explaining text is displayed in a dialog-layer on top of your web page.

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