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Nov 20, 10

Your children love their personal devices and the wonderful world of the Internet.
They like to use it anytime, anywhere, whether at home or outside.
But, you want to protect them from inappropriate content.
Welcome to Online Safety 2.0 from™.

* Easy to set up and use
* Convenient age-based settings
* Advanced content filtering and security
* Doesn't slow down your device
* Protects your child on
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, & Linux

Sep 09, 10

"We know how important it is to protect and educate young people on using the Internet and want to provide all of our users with a safe experience.

When it comes to family safety, we aim to:

* Provide parents and teachers with tools to help them choose what content their children see online
* Offer tips and advice to families about how to stay safe online
* Work closely with organizations such as charities, others in our industry and government bodies dedicated to protecting young people "

Mar 31, 10

"Looking for games online that might help students learn important cybersafety concepts? Add this collection from around the world to your digital citizenship training efforts. "

via Dean Mantz

Oct 27, 09

via Kevin Jarrett

Apr 02, 09

...Below is material from the web site. But I am going to focus strongly on one
piece of data: Arrests of online predators in 2006 constituted about 1
percent of all arrests for sex crimes committed against children and youth.

Mar 08, 09

# New Email for Kids with Art/eCard attachments
# New Time Lock for limiting a childs time on the computer.
# New updated browser navigation (thumbnail GUI) and graphics.
# New websites. (Public & KidSafe)
# New online games and puzzles.
# Now Vista compatible. (Windows 98, 2000, XP, MCE, Vista)
# Updated kidsafe website list. view approved websites
# Now provides vocal prompts and confirmations, for alerts and various security related operations. - It Talks!

Mar 08, 09

Give Kids Discovery.
The Internet for Kids!

A Web Browser, Search Engine &
Social Network Just for Them.

Nov 25, 08

SafeSearch Web features safe links for those who want to search the internet without the risk of inappropriate material being viewed. Enter your search term utilize Google SafeSearch.

No search filter can replace parental supervision when it comes to children on the internet, but every little bit helps. You can also customize your computer settings to increase safe search filtering.

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