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Tracie Hightower

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about 15 hours ago

Rube Goldberg Machine ideas for challenges and projects

Mar 03, 16

"There are now a host of resources of tutorials available for you to explore coding and computer science concepts with your classes, for both younger and older pupils."

Mar 03, 16

"Coder Projects are simple, fun, and sneakily educational things that can all be made with Coder and Rasberry Pi."

Jan 14, 16

"Digital badges present an opportunity to reimagine several aspects of student learning in a residential university context. Digital badges can help provide evidence of prior knowledge, growth in a particular domain, and provide opportunities for previously nebulous or intangible competencies to gain greater clarity."

Jan 05, 16

Top Best DIY items online for various electronics and DIY projects. "

Jan 04, 16

"Today's students need strong leaders who understand the importance of transforming libraries into vibrant hubs of active digital learning. Strong, future ready libraries and the expertise of dynamic librarians can make the difference in a district's future success."

Nov 03, 15

"This is a collection of curriculum created by the K-12 Lab at the design school and teachers who are using design thinking in their schools."

Sep 10, 15

"I’ve built my career around education technology. My job is to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. In my current job, and my previous role as an educator, I’ve learned about (and used) learning management systems, flipped classroom methods, e-portfolios, personal learning networks, collaboration tools, and behavior management software. I am constantly exploring digital tools and resources, creating tutorials and instructions, and delivering professional development to educators. I’ve spoken at conferences, worked with school districts, and collaborated with other technology integrators."

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