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Tracie Hightower

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Nov 03, 15

"This is a collection of curriculum created by the K-12 Lab at the design school and teachers who are using design thinking in their schools."

Sep 10, 15

"I’ve built my career around education technology. My job is to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. In my current job, and my previous role as an educator, I’ve learned about (and used) learning management systems, flipped classroom methods, e-portfolios, personal learning networks, collaboration tools, and behavior management software. I am constantly exploring digital tools and resources, creating tutorials and instructions, and delivering professional development to educators. I’ve spoken at conferences, worked with school districts, and collaborated with other technology integrators."

Jun 02, 15

"Create your custom designed item.

Just click on a product, upload your images, and order!"

May 28, 15

"Our unique online teaching style makes learning easy for everyone. Whether you are trying to land a new job, brush up on your skills, or learn how to build your ideas, Treehouse has the right content for you."

May 28, 15

"CS First provides free, easy-to-use computer science (CS) enrichment materials that target and engage a diverse student population."

May 28, 15

A online programming learning platform that instructs beginners to experts on various languages.

May 14, 15

"Onshape is the first and only full-cloud 3D CAD system that lets everyone
on a design team simultaneously work together using a web browser, phone or tablet."

May 13, 15

"This project explores the potential of building IoTA: An open, educational internet-of-things platform to encourage creativity, collaboration and technological literacy."

Apr 27, 15

"Writing is a social act. By joining this vibrant community, you can share work and exchange feedback with writers from all over the world."

Apr 27, 15

Create great timelines through your we browser (interactive)

Apr 13, 15

Anything related to arduino raspberry pi diy. It all here!

Apr 13, 15 is the essential website for the DIY culture

Apr 13, 15

A gallery of lessons for using littleBits for practical and innovative pojects

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