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Tracie Hightower

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Apr 13, 15

Anything related to arduino raspberry pi diy. It all here!

Apr 13, 15 is the essential website for the DIY culture

Apr 13, 15

A gallery of lessons for using littleBits for practical and innovative pojects

Apr 13, 15

A team of STEM educators to guide called the “Drones for Schools” initiative."

Apr 09, 15

"Tinkerine U is the best place to share and discover quality projects and educational content.
In its essence, Tinkerine U is made up of three simple words: LEARN. DREAM. DO."

Mar 06, 15

"We are creating a complete suite of lesson plans to achieve this. Our goal is to familiarize teachers with the process and practice of 3D printing, enabling them to bring the newest technology into their classroom in a meaningful way to engage their students in active learning."

Mar 02, 15

A great resource for comparing cameras for purchase

Mar 01, 15

"Tackk makes it easy to create pages for everything in your life. Customize your Tackk to make it unique, and add fun content like Instagram pics, Vines and more.

Tackk about your weekend, a birthday party invite, travel plans or whatever you want."

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