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Roland Gesthuizen

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about 20 hours ago

"Whether it's shunning all grains and dairy on a paleo diet, or bingeing on fruit juice to cure your cancer, "fad diets" push some misleading ideas about healthy eating. But knowing some red flags that are common signs of dodgy diets can help you avoid getting sucked in."

Mar 26, 15

"A new product from Carnegie Mellon University’s famous Robotics Institute (RI) was designed specifically to make intro classes to computer science engaging for students."

Mar 26, 15

Students and teachers alike are encouraged to take part in The Great Victorian Coding Challenge in the lead-up to Education Week this year.

Mar 26, 15

To punish kids, very simply, is to make something unpleasant happen to them -- or prevent them from experiencing something pleasant – usually with the goal of changing their future behavior.  The punisher makes them suffer, in other words, to teach them a lesson

Mar 26, 15

Punishment guarantees a "push-back" response in all of the following situations:
(A "push-back" response is simply the natural human resistance to change. Any time that one attempts to change a child's behavior the child will resist. Add punishment and you will insure more resistance to change.)

Mar 25, 15

Today Nesta and the Scouts Association launch the new Digital Maker badge - bringing digital making skills to their network of 400,000 young people across the UK with a focus on creativity through computational thinking.

Mar 17, 15

This ‘Guide to securing personal information’ (Guide) provides guidance on the reasonable steps entities are required to take under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) to protect the personal information they hold from misuse, interference, loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. It also includes guidance on the reasonable steps entities are required to take to destroy or de-identify personal information that they hold once it is no longer needed (unless an exception applies).

Mar 15, 15

"I have compiled these statements together with the other teachers in my year group. We have covered Speaking and Listening, Writing, Reading, Maths, Social Skills and Behaviour. I hope that they are useful for any other Key Stage One teacher. Other topics covered: Paperwork"

Mar 15, 15

"A robot built with littleBits that follows a drawn line and serves treats from the snack bowl mounted on top."

Mar 15, 15

"Screen time is most effective when adults and children use electronic devices together. This interaction will prepare young people to effectively use the devices as toddlers, then in school and beyond."

Mar 15, 15

At the start of the year I love to start off with a lot of singing. As in A LOT. We sing on the first day, first thing in the morning. We spend a good part of the morning singing. We sing in between activities, waiting in lines and just before we go home.

Mar 15, 15

Reading of many urban myths collecting chip packets, ring tops & bottle tops to raise money for charity

Mar 03, 15

"I'm filming a documentary for TV about how Uranium and radioactivity have shaped the modern world. It will be broadcast in mid-2015, details to come. The filming took me to the most radioactive places on Earth (and some places, which surprisingly aren't as radioactive as you'd think). Chernobyl and Fukushima were incredible to see as they present post-apocalyptic landscapes. I also visited nuclear power plants, research reactors, Marie Curie's institute, Einstein's apartment, nuclear medicine areas of hospitals, uranium mines, nuclear bomb sites, and interviewed numerous experts."

Mar 02, 15

"SketchUp Make is still free for non-commercial use, still powerful and still under active development. We’ve added a batch of new features to the 2013 release of SketchUp Make"

Mar 01, 15

Getting connected - Starting to collaborate This was the theme for the first tweet chat for the ISTE GlobalPLN. It consisted of 7 questions. February 27, 2015 at 12:51PM

Feb 19, 15

"For real?!?!? It's due tomorrow?" Are you this kind of student? The kind that procrastinates or "forgets" their assignments. Well now is the time where you will stop! Procrastinating and "forgetting" won't be a hassle anymore. You'll be a better student and won't have to "ask for help" from your friends the morning the assignment is due.

Feb 06, 15

"This is a story that involves lots of public intrigue, a futuristic wearable technology, a secret laboratory, fashion models, sky divers and an interoffice love triangle that ended a billionaire's marriage. This is the story of Google Glass."

Feb 03, 15

Summary:Don't judge the Apple Watch based on the queue around the Apple Store: it's going to take a lot longer to see if it has succeeded.

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