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Rudy Garns

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Feb 06, 16

A part of the brain science forgot about gets rediscovered.

Jan 22, 16

Excited for the start of @nkucinsam Night Program for area teachers!

Jan 22, 16

Had a wonderful time with family this Christmas and am very excited to get back on the court with our team today!

Jan 22, 16

Prof Cate Sherron with her former students. Star @TMC_WBasketball players who laid the foundation @TMCAlumni

  • the foundations upon which
  • the foundations upon which a proposition is known.
  • known independent of any experience other than the experience of learning the language

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Dec 04, 15

'Markers and Conditions for Successful Interdisciplinary Collaborations' - (via @felicitycallard)

Nov 25, 15

Moral perception does not exist...the evidence in its favor fails to support it @chazfirestone vs @jayvanbavel

  • The findings indicated that this occurs because individuals who learn together in groups tend to converge on similar information, limiting the overall amount of information that can be learned by the group.

  • The new $55 million building on Rutgers University’s George H. Cook campus in New Brunswick was designed with open workspaces and laboratories that are intended to foster the interdisciplinary work that’s necessary to tackle some of the biggest challenges in public health, such as reducing childhood obesity.

  • Honors Core course
  • a capstone project by writing a thesis in their area of major.

  • close collaboration between scientists and engineers.
  • Michael Crow, who took over as president of ASU in 2002
  • layering new institutes on top of traditional departments, for example.

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  • ASU’s charter calls for the university to be measured “not by whom its excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed”.
  • it is held accountable as a “public good” for its contribution to the economic, social and cultural health and wellbeing of its community.

  • the world’s first academic center to combine hospitality, design, health policy and management.
  • “It’s transdisciplinary, in the sense that it’s generating a whole new field, rather than having different disciplines work in parallel.
Oct 19, 15

Why engaged liberal education is still so impt: The Best Jobs Require Social Skills

Oct 16, 15

Progress and challenges in probing the human brain - my new review with Martha Farah

  • The current care systems cannot do the job. Trying harder will not work. Changing systems of care will.
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