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  • Writing in Philosophy Courses
    • Medium length essays (5–7 pp.); some professors require that the topic be approved by them in advance.
    • Short essays (one page, sometimes one paragraph) focused on analysis and interpretation of experience or on topical issues germane to the course; some instructors collect short papers as often as once a week.
    • Position papers (3–4 pp.) arguing for or against an issue
    • Research or “term” papers (approx. 20 pp.); some faculty require submission of the first draft for critique.
    • One professor assigns tutorial papers in upper division courses (5–7 pp. responding to “a single encompassing but specific question”), which students read aloud in a tutorial session.

  • formulate a m
  • universal law of nature
  • conceivable

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  • a universal law of nature governing all moral  agents
  • formulate a maxim that summarizes your action and the reason for acting as you propose.
  • even conceivable

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  • the Murderer at the Inn
  • whoever   tells a lie, however well intentioned he might be, must answer for the   consequences, however unforeseeable they were, and pay the penalty for   them even in a civil tribunal.

  • believed that racial differences in intelligence and morality were proven scientific fact
  • the “scientific” strand of racism, which drew its inspiration from Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection.
  • understanding the politics and  society of their time, using Darwinian thought to support their own agendas.

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  • Syllables that are frequent across languages are recognized more readily than infrequent syllables.
  • harder to hear and articulate
  • sheer historical forces

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  • Von Hayek and Von Mises never seem to have held a single academic appointment that didn't involve a corporate sponsor.
  • he was able to separate out a normative claim (that liberty is the fundamental value of values, and should be maximized) from an empirical claim (that the most efficient method for allocating goods and services is a market economy).
  • our social justice comes at an unacceptable cost, namely, to my personal liberty.

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  • Von Hayek and Von Mises never seem to have held a single academic appointment that didn't involve a corporate sponsor.

  • The recipe is split into 2; first the chicken tikka, which is marinated pieces of chicken (I used breast) cooked on skewers in a tandoor oven, or under the grill in a normal oven, which is what I did.

  • Probably created in Britain, chicken tikka masala – or CTM as it is often called – is easily the most popular Indian curry in the UK today.

  • There’s no skimping on taste here – Madhur Jaffrey uses plenty of cream, lemon and garlicky flavourings in this Indian-Brit favourite

  • "This authentic chicken tikka masala dish follows an old family recipe."

  • The structure of universities demands that a field be designated as a science, a social science, or one of the humanities. This structure has ill served philosophy.

  • inductions are ampliative
  • Deduction on the other hand is explicative.
  • inferences concerning causal connections

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  • speak in favor of, or support
  • confirmed
  • universal generalizations of the form “All Fs are Gs,” in symbols ∀x(Fx Gx), are confirmed by their “instances”

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