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  • The recipe is split into 2; first the chicken tikka, which is marinated pieces of chicken (I used breast) cooked on skewers in a tandoor oven, or under the grill in a normal oven, which is what I did.

  • Probably created in Britain, chicken tikka masala – or CTM as it is often called – is easily the most popular Indian curry in the UK today.

  • There’s no skimping on taste here – Madhur Jaffrey uses plenty of cream, lemon and garlicky flavourings in this Indian-Brit favourite

  • "This authentic chicken tikka masala dish follows an old family recipe."

  • The structure of universities demands that a field be designated as a science, a social science, or one of the humanities. This structure has ill served philosophy.

  • inductions are ampliative
  • Deduction on the other hand is explicative.
  • inferences concerning causal connections

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  • speak in favor of, or support
  • confirmed
  • universal generalizations of the form “All Fs are Gs,” in symbols ∀x(Fx Gx), are confirmed by their “instances”

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  • begins by examining our intuitions.
  • To explore the distinction between intended and foreseen effects, Foot introduced a number of hypothetical dilemmas, including the Trolley Problem and the Transplant Case, which asks whether a surgeon should kill a young man in order to farm out his organs to save five people who are now at risk.
  • between negative duties (such as the duty not to kill people) and positive ones (such as the duty to save people)

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  • uses a mathematical expression to represent conscious experience and then derives predictions about which circuits in the brain are essential to produce these experiences.
  • Consciousness is just brain-wide sharing of information that is in the memory buffer of the blackboard.

  • The General Education Advisory Task Force is charged with developing a strategy/plan for the creation and implementation of a “new” UMKC general education program that is tied to our UMKC mission, puts student success and student retention as a focus, includes a premier student learning assessment component and has an ongoing review and revision cycle.

  • President's Message
      General Education 1.0: An Efficiency Overhaul for the Cold War Curriculum
  • cross-disciplinary inquiry, big-picture thinking, and integrative applied work
  • integrative learning

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  • With student-centered, discussion and project based learning in every class, rather than traditional lecture-test learning, IGE encourages students to become active participants in the production of their own knowledge while gaining 32 credits of their written communication, humanities, social science, and lifelong learning lower division GEs over eight quarters.

  • the Provost will  allocate a significant portion of these new faculty positions to five transdisciplinary  areas of research and scholarship in which the University has significant existing  strength and can achieve international prominence.

  • the campus is embarking on a new initiative to build interdisciplinary topical clusters, or "ITCs," that will further enrich learning opportunities for undergraduates. College Eight will launch the first such cluster this fall with its sustainability-themed cluster, "Nurturing Environmental Citizenship."

  • Hume's “sceptical solution” limits our inquiries to common life, where no sophisticated metaphysical arguments are available and none are required.
  • when “repetition of any particular act or operation produces a propensity to renew the same act or operation…we always say, that this propensity is the effect of Custom
  • believing that

  • our strong tendency to infer a structure of context and rules
  • "The world tends to be organized, and so we probably develop prior [notions] over time that there is going to be a structure,"

  • The building was intended as a home for innovative research across the various disciplines of the arts and the humanities, and one of the priorities of the research was to facilitate a relatively recent academic enthusiasm known as the digital humanities.
  • using computers to read books
  • quantitative analysis is performed on digitized texts to generate empirical data about historical, cultural, and linguistic trends.

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28 Mar 14

The Atlantic- Plato : Socrates :: Goldstein : Plato (and why philosophy is eternally relevant)

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