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Ross Gardler

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Oct 09, 09

Apache Wookie home page implementation of w3c widgets

Oct 08, 09

A great list of links relating to open source business models and development strategis.

Oct 01, 09

the war between open source and proprietary software is over - and moreover that open source has won.

Sep 30, 09

There is no crowd in crowdsourcing. There are only virtuosos, usually uniquely talented, highly trained people who have worked for decades in a field.

Sep 27, 09

Framework for thinking strategically about Mozilla grantmaking, to help guide the choice of problem areas in which Mozilla organizations might make grants and the creation of detailed strategies for each such area. The goal is for Mozilla to be a catalyst in spurring innovations and addressing problems in areas relevant to the Mozilla mission that are important for the future of the open web but have been relatively neglected by us or others who share our vision and values.

Sep 26, 09

Your valuation can actually go down once you turn on revenue.

Sep 26, 09

while IT operations is the crux of making sales in open source, it might well be that open-source companies should focus on community development and avoid making too much money so that they can maintain a healthy valuation.

Sep 23, 09

How do we evaluate open source work in an academic setting?

Sep 22, 09

"No amount of general ‘Just jump in, please join us!' shouting will work if the potential contributors you're trying to reach don't think that any such invitation could possibly be directed towards them.

Sep 18, 09

Democratizing Innovation book and other related papers

Sep 17, 09

How do sponsored open source communities differ from their autonomous counterparts?

Sep 16, 09

We generally feel that through developing most of our infrastructure code in public there are various benefits for us as a commercial vendor.

Sep 15, 09

examined a number of examples where foundations have begun to take advantage of new licensing models for materials and resources produced by their own staff, their consultants and their grantees.

Sep 14, 09

Somebody that has posted a patch has: learned how to download the source, has learned how to build your project, has stepped through your code to find and understand their bug or new feature, and most importantly has shown a tremendous amount of initiative.

Sep 10, 09

In a new study on open-source adoption in the business intelligence (BI) market, it's becoming clear that both the benefits and shortcomings of open source software are nearly universal across all technology segments.

Sep 10, 09

The African Virtual Open Initiatives and Resources (AVOIR) builds capacity in software engineering in Africa using Free Software (Open Source) as the vehicle.

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