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Rafael Dohms

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Feb 22, 15

Just merged the bgnotify plugin. Looks really handy.

Feb 10, 15

Now that I got the attention of some new #php / #joomla devs: "Your code sucks, let's fix it" by @rdohms

Feb 07, 15

@lsmith A bundle in development to generate controllers mockup over raml specification using php-raml-parser.

Feb 07, 15

.@rdohms on using dev-master packages in #composer - #NOPENOPENOPENOPE #ssp15 #ssphp15

Feb 07, 15

About Semantic Versioning #ssp15 #composer cc @rdohms

Feb 07, 15

Not specifying a license for a #composer package = Not telling anyone they can use it - @rdohms So: #ssp15 #ssphp15

Feb 07, 15

Sitting in @rdohms #getcomposer talk #ssp15 @ SunshinePHP Conference

Feb 06, 15

Call for maintainers, does someone want to take over the beberlei/DoctrineExtensions project?

Jan 27, 15

The rise of public slack. I can't wait for Slack to natively really embrace this & have a first class public service.

Jan 26, 15

@rdohms @WyriHaximus @Richard_Tuin @rskuipers If you love @digitalocean, you’ll also love

Jan 15, 15

CFP for #CakeFest 2015 is now live, submit your talks and join us for another awesome event #CakePHP #PHP #OpenSource

Jan 03, 15

@jovemnerd @azaghal ajudem a espalhar o elePHPant pros Nerds programadores \o/ :D :D #PHP
If you’ve always wanted and ElePHPant but don’t yet have one, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

Support a good group.

Dec 17, 14

Thanks Microsoft for nearly 15 years. Great memories.

Dec 09, 14

The PHP South Coast conference is on 18th July next year. CfP open now: #phpsc15

Dec 05, 14

I wrote up an article about modern #php best practices for @airpair: Give it a look, won't you?

Nov 14, 14

We're hiring a Community Organizer to help support the community. Interested? Apply!

Nov 14, 14

@beausimensen @philsturgeon @rdohms This assumes your project isn't a library.

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