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@n0x13 @rdohms things that shipped: the Challenger and Columbia shuttles, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Looking at #doctrine2 Array Hydrator, I can assure your worst enemy is YOU a couple of months ago… So hard to understand what've done! =(

.@rdohms eyeing his "Dutch Rice" pile-of-food-for-two at Moeders :)
28 Mar 14

Here is the result of my work with Ansible for today (first time): role to deploy Symfony2 apps

@rdohms This is your doing. If we grow into an uncontrollable force it's on your head.
06 Mar 14

Elasticboard is an awesome project that helps track the evolution of GitHub projects it's open source, check it out

Love this
28 Feb 14

I blogged a bit on moving from Octopress to @getsculpin -> /cc @beausimensen

27 Feb 14

@rdohms i implemented a similar feature on, see repo on github.. Ping me on #sculpin in IRC if you nerd more info

26 Feb 14

If you want a fantastic IRC app for Mac OS X (including terrific support for ZNC), @textual is free for today only.

Koos Bekker to step down as Naspers CEO. Bob van Dijk, ecommerce guru, takes over on 1 April.
25 Feb 14

A new installer has been proposed for Symfony --> Do you agree that #symfony needs to improve its installer?

25 Feb 14

Want to have @travisci on your iPad? Here you go Beta testers are very welcome.

I’m so sorry, I couldn’t stop... @rdohms @DragonBe
11 Feb 14

In case you missed it (I did) @GameofThrones posted this 14 1/2 minute "Season 4 Foreshadowing" video

11 Feb 14

Need more votes for #PHP on codewars! Come on people :-)

11 Feb 14

Proposal for behavior change of replace/provide #composerphp - feedback welcome, especially replace/provide users!

@WyriHaximus any chance of you doing a small blog post on it to show how you did it? I had trouble the last time /cc: @rdohms @phpstorm #php
22 Jan 14

@appsterdam Is there anything to add to this map? ;)

22 Jan 14

Clever & Smart Testrunner for PHPUnit is now in beta. Try it out:

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