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May 20, 15

Pretty impressed with @rdohms implementation of Chain Of Responsibility. The Symfony bundle makes it trivial to use:

May 13, 15

@rdohms I'm guessing you've seen this talk?

May 12, 15

If you have a mac running OS X Yosemite and it has been slow, you may want to try this: #apple #YosemiteProblems

May 12, 15

Amsterdam: Tram 26: Advies: Door een eerdere stremming op de Vennepluimstraat heeft lijn 26 een gemiddelde… kijk op

May 06, 15

Really excellent under #OSX ! GitUp: The #Git interface you've been missing all your life has finally arrived.

Apr 30, 15

@mwop @rdohms @naderman @ramsey testing against lowest possible, composer.lock, and highest (composer update):

Apr 26, 15

Get to know the inner workings of your webserver: #Nginx

Apr 12, 15

'Writing Code That Lasts - Joomla!Dagen 2015' by @rdohms is the SlideShare of the day.

Apr 09, 15

OH: "It's like working with SOAP API's"

Apr 01, 15

Introducing PHPinder: RFC voting with a swipe!

Mar 27, 15

Did you submit to #phpNZ15 yet? Do it: — Need help? Ping me!

Mar 04, 15

@rdohms Yeah, you can look at how it is handled here:

Mar 04, 15

@rdohms @mtdowling @jeremeamia take a look at the one in the repo I just sent, and then there's another one at

Mar 04, 15

@rdohms @mtdowling @jeremeamia if you're looking at parsing this might help provide some guidance:

Feb 22, 15

Just merged the bgnotify plugin. Looks really handy.

Feb 10, 15

Now that I got the attention of some new #php / #joomla devs: "Your code sucks, let's fix it" by @rdohms

Feb 07, 15

@lsmith A bundle in development to generate controllers mockup over raml specification using php-raml-parser.

Feb 07, 15

.@rdohms on using dev-master packages in #composer - #NOPENOPENOPENOPE #ssp15 #ssphp15

Feb 07, 15

About Semantic Versioning #ssp15 #composer cc @rdohms

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