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Dec 20, 15

New Composer Patterns & Tips - 2015 Edition :) #composerphp

Dec 15, 15

In Community Corner, @joedevon chats with one of the PHP community's very own ninja turtles @rdohms

Dec 05, 15

@rdohms #phpconferencebr nem sabia que o que fazia era ruber ducking... @ UNIFIEO - Centro…

Dec 05, 15

@rdohms #phpconferencebr @ UNIFIEO - Centro Universitário FIEO

Dec 03, 15

@nashvillephp @ramsey I found that doing jobs on Meetup was labor intensive. Instead went with, it is free

Nov 24, 15

New Face On #FacesOfTheElephpant!

Nov 22, 15

@rdohms T-shirts do look good though, here's Somerset posing with the one I got yesterday

Nov 18, 15

Announcing our regular Monthly Meetup: "Writing Code That Lasts" by @rdohms, hosted by @svuvis and @HU_Utrecht

Nov 15, 15

#domcode15 is Trending in top 10 now in Netherlands. Visit for more such hot trends

Nov 13, 15

A little snippet from the book I’m currently writing, just for @rdohms

Nov 13, 15

New Face On #FacesOfTheElephpant!

Nov 07, 15

Help support the awesome stuff @rdohms does:

Oct 07, 15

#OSCON in Amsterdam presents "Writing code that lasts... or writing code you won't hate tomorrow" by @rdohms

Oct 05, 15

'Journey into your Lizard Brain - PHPJHB15' by @rdohms is featured on our homepage.

Oct 04, 15

First public package! #OSS #PHP @JoburgPHP @PHPSouthAfrica

Oct 04, 15

I'm raising money for Start a new life in foreign country. Donate: … … #Crowdfunding @EpicVoiceGuy @rdohms

Oct 01, 15

Not specifying a license for a #composer package = Not telling anyone they can use it - @rdohms So: #ssp15 #ssphp15 - choose a license that suits your ideology or values. #phpjhb15 @PHPSouthAfrica @rdohms.

Sep 30, 15

Go home composer, you’re drunk!

Sep 21, 15

@rdohms @zeevs hey there! my name is Eran and I am working for Zend. Here is a download link for Z-Ray for OSX/brew

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