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Aug 25, 16

One day, Canadian brands will feel good enough about themselves to lose the

Aug 24, 16

Masterpiece: Listen to Nights by Frank Ocean on @AppleMusic

Aug 24, 16


Aug 16, 16

A series of photos Steve Jobs took in my office testing Photo Booth filters in 2005. Rest in peace.
Levy Fidelix esclarece na Globonews o número de pessoas na Paulista.
The UI Infographication Yes, I'll talk about a Design trend here — but not in style. We've all see designers...
Estamos apoiando o 99u Local SP, hoje no Red Bull Station. Vem que mais tarde tem streaming:
Carinha de felizzzz pois tocarei no RIO

Aug 14, 16

Jul 29, 16

“Avoiding drop-down menus improved execution times by 40%”

Jul 27, 16

“Overflow menus are a scourge that should be rooted out, crushed underfoot, and…” — @dburka

Jul 27, 16

.@FLOTUS just did the greatest mic drop at #DemsInPhilly

Jul 20, 16

Force.js - an interesting tool for on-page scrolling and moving elements around (vanilla JS)

Jul 12, 16

Grimes estrela campanha de Stella McCartney ao som de “Venus Fly” |

Jul 08, 16

Bolsonaro diz que beijo no asfalto foi beijo hetero

Jul 07, 16

Open source is now just a marketing ploy.

Jul 07, 16

I've got my very own @snapchat #LiveStory from @revivaltour! Watch it here or in the app:

Jul 07, 16

This is what real progress looks like.

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