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Rdmuniz's Public Library

May 12, 15

The @99U team has published some great summaries, in 3 parts, from this year's conference. Here's the first:

May 12, 15

.@tameimpala's "Eventually" is named Best New Track

May 01, 15

Really honored! Award is named after Edison & the event after his quip "Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration"

Apr 30, 15

“Dear web designer, let’s stop breaking the affordance of scrolling” by @rdmuniz
Users know how to scroll, it's your design that's stopping them @rdmuniz #wunderkammer 33 -

Apr 27, 15

4 colors, 350×350px, 3 seconds. Every 2 weeks, 9 animators and designers contribute a loop.

Apr 26, 15

NYC is a walker's paradise. Join us on some great walks and share your favorites

Apr 24, 15

Nobody likes waiting for sites to load. Many sites can be usable in half the time they currently require.
Here’s how:

Apr 24, 15

Na prateleira estão minhas vergonhas: as pilhas de livros não lidos —por @dublinense

Apr 23, 15

This may be the most 2015-y headline so far this year

Apr 23, 15

The Huge Volcanic Eruption In Chile Is Stunningly Beautiful #Cabuco

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