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Rdmuniz's Public Library

Aug 29, 15

Greenland’s ice is melting faster than previously thought, out of sight, below the surface. #EarthRightNow

Aug 27, 15

Stephen Hawking's voice is now open source and free to download:

Aug 27, 15

It's a wombat! With a cake!

Aug 22, 15

Absolutely lovely idea from @fehler—short books for creative entrepreneurs.

Aug 21, 15

This website is what the entire internet will look like in 10 years

The future is now.

Aug 21, 15

Great article by @scotthurff about fixing a bad UI by thinking about the UI Stack

Aug 21, 15

Loki the cat has world's cutest resting bitch face

Aug 20, 15

Aww yeah! Say hello to the next major release of Bootstrap with the first v4 alpha!

Aug 19, 15

Ha! My art project has been banned by my university @MasseyUni

cc @jo_bailey @thomaslebas

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