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Jul 20, 16

Force.js - an interesting tool for on-page scrolling and moving elements around (vanilla JS)

Jul 12, 16

Grimes estrela campanha de Stella McCartney ao som de “Venus Fly” |

Jul 08, 16

Bolsonaro diz que beijo no asfalto foi beijo hetero

Jul 07, 16

Open source is now just a marketing ploy.

Jul 07, 16

I've got my very own @snapchat #LiveStory from @revivaltour! Watch it here or in the app:

Jul 07, 16

This is what real progress looks like.

Jul 06, 16

Prometeu e vai cumprir: Adele fará shows no Brasil em abril de 2017

Jul 06, 16

The making of @bjork's futuristic death mask

Jul 06, 16

Beautifully comprehensive look at #Juno's trajectory and mission, with ALL the orbit details

Jul 06, 16

ScrollTrigger, Scroll based animations with ease

Jul 06, 16

Stupid CSS Tricks

Jul 06, 16

It's official: I'm in orbit at #Jupiter. See how the team is feeling + what's next

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