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Diane Rasweiler

Diane Rasweiler's Public Library

Feb 04, 16

welcome to Holland analogy tp parenting a child with special needds

Feb 02, 16

"simple text to speech browser extension. Select and Speak installs with just one click and does not require a browser re-start. Once Select and Speak is installed just highlight any text on a webpage, click the Select and Speak icon in your browser, and listen to the reading of the text.

Feb 02, 16

"With Announcify installed in your browser any time you're viewing a webpage you can simply click on the Announcify icon in your browser and have that page read to you. A bonus aspect of using Announcify is that in order to make a webpage easier to read it enlarges the text of the webpage and removes all sidebar content. In the video below I provide a short demonstration of Announcify."

Feb 02, 16

"With Speak It installed just highlight the text on a the page you're viewing then right-click to activate Speak It. Then click the play button to have the text read to you. The voice is very digitized, but it is clear."

Jan 19, 16

I-ASCC materials from Jill Senner

Jan 12, 16

review of apps to help with cognitive loss

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