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Jan 10, 12

the leading company in the world for development of powerful liquid rocket engines for space launch vehicles. The history of the company dates back to May 15, 1929. Over the years there were developed some 60 rocket engine, which was made in the run and operated and continue to operate in the space and military rockets.

  • I can assure you from personal experience that there are a lot of highly educated people who don’t know how to think at all.
  • No, what makes him a thinker—and a leader—is precisely that he is able to think things through for himself. And because he can, he has the confidence, the courage, to argue for his ideas even when they aren’t popular. Even when they don’t please his superiors. Courage: there is physical courage, which you all possess in abundance, and then there is another kind of courage, moral courage, the courage to stand up for what you believe.
  • the idea that true leadership means being able to think for yourself and act on your convictions. But how do you learn to do that? How do you learn to think? Let’s start with how you don’t learn to think.

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