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Dec 09, 10

I can relate to most of these observations... looking forward to getting my hands on one of these one day :)

  • For a long-time PC and Mac user, the Chromebook is almost too simple. I want to poke around and see the innards of this PC. I almost feel caged by the browser window. What’s under the hood on this thing?


    On the surface, that feeling is pretty illogical. I live in a browser at least 80 percent to 90 percent of the time so what’s the big deal? It’s that 10 percent where I want to roam through settings—even though I don’t know what half of them are for.

Oct 27, 10

looks good (apart from the screen-type, resistive and 3 hour battery life!). Well worth watching though. HT @alecmuffett

  • There will be the Internet, and then there will be the Google Internet, superimposed on top. We'll use it without even knowing. The Google Internet will be faster, safer, and cheaper. With the advent of widespread GoogleBase (again a bit-schlepping app that can be used in a thousand ways -- most of them not even envisioned by Google) there's suddenly a new kind of marketplace for data with everything a transaction in the most literal sense as Google takes over the role of trusted third-party info-escrow agent for all world business. That's the goal.
  • And unless Google comes up with an ecosystem to allow their survival, that means all the other web services companies will be marginalized. There will be startups and little guys, but no medium-sized companies. ISPs, which we've thought of as a threatened species, won't be touched, but then their profit margins are so low they aren't worth touching. After all, Wal-Mart doesn't try to own the roads its goods are carried over. And the final result is that Web 2.0 IS Google.
Jun 12, 08

sounds like industrial computing model to me. but if this is the future, instead of having your webserver in your pocket. the latter giving the user more autonony, even if may require more skill. i know which one I'd prefer

Apr 09, 08

how journalists get everything wrong by doing everything right (by their book). alas, the world out there doesn't conform to their tidy controversies that make for interesting articles. the case for open has been made by web/internet. apple is but a slive

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